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Other Recruiting Sites?


Favore Notre Dame Recruiting Site (after DD)  

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  1. 1. Favore Notre Dame Recruiting Site (after DD)

    • Irish Illustrated (Rivals)
    • Blue and Gold
    • Irish Eyes (Scout)
    • ND Nation
    • Irish Envy

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Top Posters In This Topic

Guest JerseyDomer

I'd say Irish illustrated. ND nation has good links for articles and what not, plus has good basketball info too IMO. I also check out uhnd.com, decent articles too.

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Yea i feel the same about another recruiting site i go on every now and then. No names, but I just feel like they stir up alot of negative convo's, and info. I go on to see whats being said, but I just dont agree with some of the things that go on over there !!!

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I know what you mean, I think I go there from time to time as well. I saw something on Rivals, on the ND team page that was a post some guy posted about negative comments on recruits, how it hurts ND and how fans are a representation of ND...I immediately thought of that site.

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Guest IndyIrish

I pretty much just read what is said here, as it seems the most accurate and knowledgable forum. I'll go to Rivals on occasion just to see if I can see something for free...


Not much negativity here...and usually doesn't get overly optimistic or unrealistic also, which is good because I don't enjoy letdowns!

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Guest SirJohn

I simply can't afford a paid site. Not sure it's fair to weigh them against some good free sites. I couldn't favor that one site since Mike Frank muscled his way around here at DD once and Nick's TDJesus football site.


While he explained to me all was now 'cool' between them it never cooled for me. I'm a little like the godfather. I don't forget.

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