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Guest gizmokt24

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Guest gizmokt24

In addition to the Robert Hughes offer this week, Mike Frank of IE has also confirmed that a kid by the name of Jahvid Best has been offered as well. Apparently he is a real speedster, but I really can't find much on him.


Has anyone heard of this guy before? What do you think this means in terms of our chances with Allen, etc?

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Guest TDJesus3

hes fast and small, i think hes only 5-9, runs about a 4.4, however, i dont know much about his ability. He has offers pretty much from every pac-10 school including UCLA and USC i believe

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Best Reels in Offer From Cal


By: Jim McGill

Recruiting Writer

Date: Apr 21, 2006


The Cal Bears offered their first local East Bay recruit this week in speedy Salesian (Richmond) High School tailback Jahvid Best. The 5-10/185 Best is also the first non-qb skill position player to be offered by the Bears, as well.


The lighting quick tailback ran for 1439 yards to go along with 271 yards in receptions and 20 total td’s for the 12-1 BCAL and Class A CIF North Coast Section champion Chieftains in 2005 and had an astounding 10 carries for more than 50 yards during the season. Best averaged 10.4 yards per carry on the year.


“I’ve had some quick athletes before, but never anyone like Jahvid,” said Salesian Head Coach Chad Nightingale, who is a Cal grad himself. Guys tend to overrate their 40 times quite a bit and like to toss out 4.5 or 4.6 times all the time. But I had a legitimate 4.6 runner before who pulled away from guys on runs all the time. That doesn’t even begin to describe Jahvid.


“I don’t usually time my guys, but recently we timed Jahvid in the forty and he ran a 4.39 –in tennis shoes,” said Nightingale, laughing. “I’ve never seen anything like him. He’s a bona fide track star, too. Last year at a meet in Arcadia, his blocks were crooked and he had a terrible, stumbling start and still ran a 21.3. And he was only .04 off the national record at the Junior Olympics, too.”


Best plans to run track and play football wherever he goes. He’s already been offered track scholarships at USC and UCLA as well as an opportunity to play football for each. His offer from Cal, however is for football, although Cal Head Track Coach Chris Huffins would love to get his hands on Best as well.


“Jahvid’s a fine young man, too,” noted Nightingale. If you talk to him, you’d never know he’s a star athlete like he is. That’s a testament to his parents, who are fine people themselves. They’re always there for Jahvid and always at his games and his meets and are his biggest supporters.


Would playing for hometown fans and in proximity to his parents play a role in Best’s decision?


"I can definitely see that factoring into Jahvid’s decision,” said Nightingale. “But ultimately, he’ll play wherever it’s the best fit for him.”


Best received his offer Wednesday evening after observing spring practice on an unofficial visit to Berkeley.

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Good question Guy...an even better question is why the hell does Allen still have USC listed as medium interest on his scouts profile and not even mention ND? If USC lands another top running back in this class I am going to be sick...evidently these kids just don't like ND

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Rivals has no videos on Best at this point. They probably will soon now that ND offered him.


He has offers from: Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, Washington, Washington St. And now supposedly ND. Let's just hope he is not fixated on the Pac 10.


This offer kind of shows us where ND has Tate on their list. Not near the top. Atleast as a RB.

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Guest Svoboda


If you're going to link to pictures hosted on my site, you could at least give credit to where you ripped them from.

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