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Nwankwo very much!


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he has us mumber one on his list. he said he made a list before notre dame offered, and notre dame wasn't on it. once they offered he put them at the top. he will visit in august and will annouce soon after that. he will be irish bet on that. we will have the best o-line and the deepest o-line in the country in 3 years. that will attract of the blue chip runnig backs and let the dominos fall.

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we only have one o- linemen and he committed today we are taking four or five guys. it is in a month so unless three or four o-linemen committed than no. but i dont see that happening. he is irish.


I understand that. With Nuss in-house and Wilson soon to pull the trigger, if you take Nwankwo next are you crossing off Miller, Romaine, or Ziemba?



3 tackles/2 guards




2 tackles/2 guards, and a swingman (Nuss)

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Guest TDJesus3

room in august?


are you kidding me?


look the staff will either take 4 or 5 ol and nuss may not count depending how they feel about him at dt


however, the likely hood of landing romine, miller, and ziemba is pretty low, we may get two, we may only get one, these kids have it to us and state u, and we tend to be about 50/50 in those battles...who knows, but if emeka wants on great, hes going to fill out to be a very good guard, hes got 4 stars and is another florida prospect that im sure the gators will be missing when their o-line can't block anyone


again, this staff isnt dumb, if a kid has an offer right now he has a spot, they would be happy with anyone at any position who has an offer, it wont be till a position has one spot left that they would either hold it out or pull an offer


emeka was offered so they want him and he has a spot, lets hope he is irish, he would be a great get

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Guest TDJesus3

yea that may be the worst crap ive ever read, im embarrassed by some of the stuff those people said about emeka, he seems like a good kid and i wouldnt blame him for being pissed and not coming to ND, talk about high horses, getting on the kid because of his myspace page give me a break...SVO if you read this you do a wonderful job getting recruits to your site and you run a good site but seriously you shouldnt let those idiots bash him like that, and i know some stood up for him but if i was a recruit i was say F ND, if they are that judgmental they need help. First off, im sure the kid isnt a some sort of pot head, secondly since when did ND become the haven of all that is good, no one has ever smoked pot at ND? I don't condon it and i dont think anyone should do it, and i dont want pot heads on the team, but railing against a kid for his myspace page you got to be kidding me. Emeka if you read this i apologize on behalf of all the idiots who call themselves ND fans and then treat recruits like this. ND isnt a perfect place and your always going to have idiot fans, please do not let it influence your decision, these embarrassments who caall themselves supporters in no way reflect the class and dignity of Notre Dame

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Guest FightingIrishMan

it would be horrible this has any affect on his choice. I mean he could always have this idea in the back of his head that he does not belong at ND by the way those guys bashed him. It may not seem like much but if becomes a neck and neck race with another school he may just find it better to go somewhere else.


I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of what we as ND fans want to do with interested prospects.

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What up 34? I think the gist of it was that some posters didn't think that some of the images, pot leaves or something, on his profile fit ND's image. Emeka responded that he hasn't and doesn't use drugs and that he's pissed if people are judging him based off of something like that. I agree w/ him 100%, especially after the MySpace issue here w/ Sukay....I'm not touching or commenting on any myspace profiles after that. So I guess that's what it was, he felt he was getting insulted by some fans when he stopped by IE after Svo invited him to get some questions answered.

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Well, I had somewhat of a convo. with Scooper from the IE forum about this situation. apparently they didnt like that i posted that link on this board. But i also told him that I had no hard feelings about the situation, but this is the negative stuff that needs to left out of these forums. Alot of the recruits do come by just to see whats being said about them. And for him to see someone talking about he's a pothead and doesnt belong at ND is just wrong, so I voiced my opinion about those who made the statements. It is for this reason why ND is a very hated University, and people seem to stick the Irish in the snooty and stuck up category.


As for me, I believe he is one hell of a recruit, and would love to have him in Blue and Gold next year. Its obvious that he wouldnt be in the position he's in if he was a pothead or drig abuser, etc.


Emeka, if you ever join the DD and read this, dont feed into it, and it just might very well be a fan from a rival school just trying to stir up a fuss, i dont kno. You are the one with the offer not us, so just make your decision based on where you feel you fit in, and where you can gt the best education, thats all. Good luck in whatever choice you make, and enjoy the whole recruiting process, it only happens once !!!!!

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Guest BGIF
Lets just hope that he doesnt listen to what some of our fellow Irish fans have to say about his MySpace page.....


This is what I found on Irishenvy, check this out




You know what worse than someone that starts a malicious rumor?


The one that spreads it.


The post quoted above, and the ones that follow it are the real crap.


On that Irishenvy thread there was one, that's ONE poster, who said, "This man seems really obsessed with ..." Check the actual post! The operative word is "SEEMS".


No one. Again, NO ONE called him a pothead. That word is introduced later in the thread in the kid's post - by himself. And then repeated as an allegation by - some of you.


Someone else used the word, "blatant". Oh my, now that's offensive! Give me a break it means conspicuous, obtrusive, obvious. I didn't see the myspace site. Couldn't find it as it seems some others couldn't. Was it removed or is the point of interest still there? Could it have been taken down because the site owner, upon reflection, realized it might not be appropriate for someone competing for a $100,000 scholarship in a 40 year decision?


I don't know who BCNDIrish (the poster that started the hissy fit) is but he does have only a few posts. Is he a genuine ND fan or a provocateur?


Or is he expressing a view of du lac culture? In any regard, he said, "seems". No "pothead" charge despite all the instant indignation from the reading comprehensionally challenged masses.


"this is the negative stuff that needs to left out of these forums." So why are you spreading it around, dread? Does spreading it to other sites put it to rest?


You made your response on the original thread so why spread the tempest in a teapot to other sites? You and others give the "seems" comment an aura of credence by expanding the comment to refute it as fact and making it appear that it's a widespread belief "our fellow Irish fans". It was an observation made by one poster, rightfully or wrongfully.


There was some sage advice offered in that thread as opposed to this pearl of wisdom, "if i was a recruit i was say F ND".




Because some unknown person interpeted a visual message of your own chosing incorrectly you would throw away a once in a lifetime opportunity? Yeah, that would really punish that poster!


And if you found out that your winning lottery ticket was purchased from a vendor with different politics than yours you'd rip up the ticket to spite him, wouldn't you?


Since when does one poster or an entire internet of posters speak for Notre Dame?


Notre Dame isn't for everybody. There is a distinct culture there in the classroom, in the dorms, and on the field. It's for each prospective student to investigate, evaluate, and make their own informed decision as to whether it's the right fit for them. Not based on a perceived internet slight nor on impassioned internets pleas to attend.

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BGIF, the real issue was Emeka's response, in your opinion was he offended? Why was he there? Who invited him? Who made an assumption of his character? The real issue isn't your opinion, not saying that it doesn't matter, it's how a recruit felt after visiting a site and getting razzed by fans...the response by a couple of those guys, not all, could effect Emeka's decision w/out even seeing the campus. That is the real issue.

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