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James Wilson


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Wilson sets date for ND-USC decision


By Steve Hare, IrishIllustrated.com Recruiting Analyst


Offensive lineman James Wilson of St. Augustine, Fla., has been entertaining scholarship offers from colleges across the country. Last week the 6-foot-4, 308-pounder had the chance to be entertained by one of those schools when he spent several days camping at Notre Dame.


"I had an awesome time," Wilson said. "I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the campus was. I got to go and check out the academic support building and the new Guglielmino facility; that was awesome."


The visit made the Irish one of Wilson's final two schools along with Southern California.


"I got to work with coach (John) Latina a lot, the line coach, and I learned a lot," he said. "He really helped me polish my technique and get ready for this upcoming season. I felt very comfortable with him and coach (Charlie) Weis and the whole coaching staff really made me feel at home up there in Indiana; that's why I chose to put them in the top two along with Southern Cal."


Wilson had strong feelings about the in-state Florida Gators, in part because friend and former teammate Tim Tebow signed with the Gators last winter. But in the end, the educational opportunities at Notre Dame helped the Irish beat out the Gators.


"I was thinking about how soon I want to make my decision, I'm talking about Aug. 1 making a decision, and I thought really hard and I compared Notre Dame to Florida and I thought I'd be happier at Notre Dame and also at Southern Cal and a degree from Notre Dame definitely blows any school out of the water," he said. "That trip (to Notre Dame) really helped rule out Florida."


Spending several days on Notre Dame's campus gave Wilson an opportunity to experience life as it would be like if he chose the Irish.


"I flew in Wednesday afternoon (June 14) and I left Friday night (June 16)," he said. "I stayed in the Stanford dorm. It was an experience, definitely. I know if I went there I'd definitely have to bring my own bed because that bed wasn't big enough. But I definitely got a taste of what it was like and it was enjoyable. I felt really comfortable and felt like I do with my coach back at Nease. I feel real comfortable and confident in Notre Dame and what they are trying to do and what they are about."


Wilson even received the grand tour from Weis.


"Coach Weis toured me around in the school golf cart and I got to see all the sites, the grotto, the lake where Rudy was at and the Basilica and the Golden Dome," he said. "I just had an awesome time. We talked a lot and I got to know him a little bit more. You hear about it all and hear about how great it all is but you don't realize how awesome it is until you get up there and get a feel for it."

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How soon before other schools catch on and get a golf cart to drive around their recruits? Weis has some way to make recruits remember the tour, he must be a great tour guide/recruiter/coach!


Now that Nuss is Irish, lets get Wilson to verbal! I hope you are right TD and you usually are.

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IMO he'll be irish. this guys film is awsome and i don't understand why he isn't a 5-star. here's his film, this guy destroys people.


He gets downfield in a hurry for a big man. He covers a lot of territory.

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Guest NDLawJAG

I love this kid... I can smell another number 1 OL class. I heard they just tricked out the Golf Cart and used some left over gold from the dome.

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I didnt kno Wilsons dad lived in Santa Clarita, isnt that the same place JC lives ??? I wonder if they spoke while he was out there.




After returning from a two week trip to Southern California, James Wilson of St. Augustine (Fla.) is almost ready to make his commitment. The 6-foot-4, 308-pound offensive lineman headed west earlier this month to participate in USC's Rising Senior Camp and spend time with his father, who lives in Santa Clarita. Wilson also used as the time as an opportunity to unofficially visit USC.

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Guest DCIrish

Has anyone heard anything else through the grapevine or otherwise with Wilson? I've read on some boards that he claimed an ex-girlfriend doctored his MySpace page. However, I've yet to find that article. Until he publicly says it is a fraud, I will really worry.

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