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Golden Tate?


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Guest VagasFerguson44

I think they have a personal problem with you d'russ. I heard some guys over there were talking about you. JK!

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I dont think he has an offer yet, the article says ND is amongst his favorite schools, and out of all the schools ND stands out. But he doesnt say that he has an off yet



"I would have to say my favorites are Alabama, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Miami and Notre Dame," he said. "I hope to visit all those schools sometime during the season."


"Out of all the schools I would have to say Notre Dame stands out. It's a Catholic school, and I have been attending a Catholic school going on five years. Coach [Charlie] Weiss is a real good coach.. They have a great athletic and academic program.

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Guest IndyIrish
If ND offers Tate than he will be Irish. I just don't think he is getting an offer.


Unless we lose out on Allen.........?

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Scout has Barksdale listed as an O-lineman??? what the shit is wrong with them?

they also list greg little as a LB, when little has clearly stated that he dosn't want to play defense. Scout.com are all morons.


last year they also listed james aldridge as a LB for a while.

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