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Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Ok with Woke departing behind Quinn who is departing we have these.


1. Dan Gorski (Soph)


2. Evan Sharpley (Soph)


3. Demi Jones (Fresh)


4. Zach Frazer (Fresh)


Now legions of fans expect former NFL Offensive Coordiator Charlie Weis to let Brady throw all day long and wait for Jimmy Clausen to lead us to victory in 2007.

I can't see this. It's not only short sided but insane and stupid. None of which fits Charlie Weis. Coach is quoted in a presser that if Brady wins Heismen we win NC. To me that was hype. (IF) He has to look for a back up this year and let's be honest a lead candidate for 2007 even tho it's the best man wins sort of thing.


Sharpley has 2 years and some experience. Gorski?


I'm waiting to see who dresses for our away game with GT.

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Guest Kgreene2343

Sharpley definitely. Even though I like the freshman better, particularly Zach, Weis installed a bunch of new stuff that Sharpley would probably only be able to grasp. Gorski is a walk-on so I assume that he wouldn't be the primary back up. After Evan would be Zach, but he would never play so he has an extra year of eligibility.

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Guest SirJohn


Jeese, please this is only about backup 2006 not any 2007 or a maybe JC. However I try to seperate Now from later on guys wanna drop in JC. Forget him as he is not here now not there till January.


Who's strongest? I'd say more important, who would the TEAM take to as a leader? From articles I can only say Zach knows the ins and outs with TEAM.

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Guest NDLawJAG

Sharpley will be the backup for the same reason that Wolke was last year. When the backup comes in it will be to protect a lead. Tey will not waste a year of eligibility so that one of the freshman can hand the ball off and go 1 for three on the season.

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Guest SirJohn

NDLawJag: Respectfullay


Granted if that is so you mean. There's no QB with real skill for 2007? Coach is just pining away a $40,000,000 job on who is coming 2007?


Sharpley is not negligable. But you need insurance. I would despite the 2 years call him an interim QB.


I cannot see this more then developing a 2007 QB.


You put your money on a horse that you think will get you someplace long term. You don't bet on a unborn foal (JC). Let the rest do so. :roll:


If you feel Demi take Demi. But all statement i have seen "General or NFL Bound" I see only one kid saying Notre Dame TEAM. That's more important to me. I think all will find it's more important to his TEAMates.


We don't have that much time left to shake one out. But shake one out we sure better. One lousy hit and our Heisman touted guy goes down. Last year let's be honest even with sharpley there was zip....nada.zero if anything happened.

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I think Sharpley is the 2006 back-up for certain... based on familiarity with the system. He's the guy for garbage-time.


If the unthinkable happens, the question becomes... who is Sharpley's back-up? I think it comes down to a combination of playbook digestion, AND presence/charisma to lead the team.


I can see Charlie picking the guy who carries the confidence of the team over the guy who has a marginal advantage in playbook understanding.


Of course the guy who has a clearly superior playbook understanding would naturally inspire more confidence in the team... but all things being equal, or near equal...


I'll go with DJ ... from what I read, I think he has a certain moxy, enthusiasm, that can get the team pumped. Charlie would scheme accordingly to benefit the natural abilities that DJ has... paraphasing Coach "they'll use what works".


I like Zach... not knowing him... I feel he has a really lunch-pail, no BS, team attitude... but he seems more reserved. So, first out of the blocks, I give it to DJ.


How's that for speculation without any basis or knowledge of the players involved?

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Guest SirJohn



Willingham’s Stamp on Irish Fading, For Now

Written By: Frank Vitovitch | Posted:June 27, 2006 01:15 AM

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Notre Dame, Ind (UHND.com) – With the transfer of David Wolke, 11 Notre Dame players have now left the Irish football team since Charlie Weis took over 18 months ago. Not all have left the university entirely, but with each defection, Tyrone Willingham’s stamp on this team is fading fast. That is of course, until the overall lack of depth caused by Willingham’s recruiting catches up with the Irish.


Overall, two players from this year’s senior class have left – Freddie Parish and LaBrose Hedgemon; eight players from the junior class – Chauncey Incarnato, John Kadous, Tregg Duerson, Chris Vaughn, Junior Jabbie, Justin Hoskins, and Brandon Nicolas; and one from the sophomore class – Joey Hiben.


Players such as Joey Hiben and Tregg Duerson have remained enrolled at Notre Dame but have simply left the football team. Hiben cited his reason for leaving as needing to focus on his architecture degree.


Others, like Wolke have left to pursue their football careers at other schools. Wolke’s transfer in particular was because of the increase in talent that Weis has developed in his 18 months on the job.


For the last two years Wolke has been the backup for Notre Dame, but with the players Weis has brought in, he has dropped on the depth chart. In fairness to Willingham, Evan Sharpley committed while Ty was the coach, but if Sharpley were his only competition, Wolke would probably still be at Notre Dame. The two extremely talented freshman, Zach Frazer and Demetrius Jones, most likely had a little bit to do with Wolke’s decision to transfer.


While it’s a good sign of the overall talent level at Notre Dame that players are leaving because they can’t get on the field, the lack of depth that this situation creates will allow Tyrone Willingham’s presence to be felt on this team next year when the senior class will have just nine players left and the junior class will have just 14 players.


While I am confident in the coaching staff’s ability to develop the young talent they have brought in in time for next season, the fact that Weis and staff will go to battle with just 21 players in his junior and senior classes combined next year is reason enough to continue to harp on the lousy job that Willingham and his staff did while at Notre Dame.


You can call it sour grapes or whatever other term you’d like to use. Or, you can call it what it is – the simple truth that Willingham’s inability to recruit effectively was reason enough for his dismissal last year.


Now while Notre Dame has a legit chance at a national championship run this year, the Irish will need to break in a new quarterback, at least three new offensive linemen, and their top two wide receivers on offense alone in 2007.


Ok, so it may be a bit early to worry about the 2007 season beings as camp hasn’t even started for the 2006 season, but it still warrants discussing now since the pundits who based Notre Dame to firing Willingham in the first place are sure to have a field day if the Irish struggle out of the gates with all the new starters in ’07.


The only silver lining here is that Weis has shown he is prepared for anything and I am sure he and his staff are aware of the depth issues that will exist in 2007 and while they may not admit it openly, it’d definitely in the back of their minds.


Weis has also shown that he is willing to work harder than any other coach which is good since Willingham created a lot more work with his last two classes. So while Willingham is practicing his chipping and putting next off-season, Weis will be busy working to fix the mistakes of those before him.

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I think Sharpley will be the backup in 06, but if something happens to either Quinn or Sharpley I think Zach will be next in line. From what others have said, Zach already has the size to take a few hits and Jones needs to get a little bigger. I have not seen either Zach or Jones in person, so I am only speaking on what I have read.


Jones could use a year under the weight program and get bigger and stronger so I think he will not be used this year.


Weis is smart enough to think about 07, but not at the expense of 06. If something happens to Quinn and he is out for any period of time, one play, one quarter or a game, Weis will have the QB that will give us the best chance at winning. Right now I think it is Sharpley, but by mid season that could change depending on how Zach progresses.

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Guest SirJohn

Hmmm? Good points Bragg is a Wide receiver now.


I don't knock Sharpley, understand? He has those games under his belt. I just think one of the incoming will surpass. In saying so I am a bit like Coach Weis. He compares one of his to one he knew in the past. Now I recall under a Coach called Tom Landry (Who brought computers into the NFL) He had a situation with one heck of a flashy solid QB. The guy could win, had skills, an arm but...It was the but.


Coach Landry started a newcomer. Quiet guy no mouth, solid team player who had played for Navy and ruined Notre Dame. The guy spent years in Vietnam with the Navy. His name was Rodger Staubach.


This is where I come from when i pick Zach over Demi. If such is not to be it will not be but I look at history. In this instance the guy replaced by Staubach had more game experience and certainly much, much more playbook understanding.


Coach Landry just watched and realised whe Stabach was in the team (STRESS TEAM) operated better. No trashing the other player. No I am going to lead you to a NC, Soup Bowl or i am the general. Just quietly and effeciently go about cutting every opponents throat on the field. :D

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Roger Staubach!! I always liked the Steelers more than the Cowboys, but I did like Roger... wanted to be his receiver, but was 6" too short, and 5 seconds too slow.


Now, I see your point, but I'm not sure Zach has the same proven record of Staubach... Sure, he was a "rookie" but he was stellar at Navy, a proven leader... and he wasn't 22, he was 26 (27?) and a disciplined war vet. He didn't have to say anything.


I can see Zach having the Staubach ethic and demeanor... but we'll soon know how the team takes to each, and perhaps more importantly, who becomes an extension of Charlie on the field.


I recall, don't recall where exactly I read it, but that both Brady and Quinn are like mini-Charlies... on the field :D


You know, it's almost like DJ and Zach each embody a part of Charlie's personality. From what I read, it seems DJ has Weis' bold confidence and Zach has his workaholic, team-first, no excuse ethic.


I'm not trying to say DJ isn't a hard worker, or Zach isn't brash, but that their personality seems more dominated by other qualities.


In any case, it will be fun to see how both respond and grow to the ND program, and Weis' expectations.

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Remember, the seasons before Weis came to town, BQ wasn't very vocal either. He didn't like to single guys out and give them what they deserved. Weis came in and that immediatley changed. I'm pretty sure he can do the same thing with Zach.... I mean, it is CW we're talkin about here.

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Guest bluester2000

Pardon me SJ, but this is just chum (the bloody fish parts you throw over the side of a boat to try to attract sharks... why you would ever want to attract sharks is beyond me, but you see I've now gone onto a tanget).


It's chum because:

1) it doesn't really matter who the backup is Brady played about 95% of the time last year and when he wasn't in the game we weren't passing the ball,

2) it's designed to keep the masses circling because it is june and none of us losers have anything better to do (here's a suggestion by the way, dust off the old ncaa 2006 play one more season as the "bad irish" before 2007 comes out next month),

3) it's not like wolke's departure all of a sudden made this into an issue, it was (as of the blue-gold game) and still is very clearly going to be sharpley...


all the love in the world for you SJ, but come on most of us can't get any work done with all these fish entrails in the water

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