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Article on J.R. Hemingway


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I have been reading this board for a while and was surprised that this has not been posted so I thought I would do my first post. This is from Scouts and is a free article.





Hemingway Still Planning Summer Decison



J.R. Hemingway By: Sam Webb


Date: Jun 20, 2006


South Carolina receiver J.R. Hemingway won't be a Michigan camper this year, but he will maake his way back to Ann Arbor this summer. He speaks with GoBlueWolverine about his upcoming trips and his newly trimmed down list.


As a Michigan camper last year, Conway, South Carolina wideout J.R. Hemingway was one of the standout performers in attendance. The 6-2, 205-pounder was so impressive during his brief stint on campus that he left the Great Lake State with his first official scholarship offer. One year later his official offer tally is close to thirty and he is one of the elite receiver prospects in the country. A number of schools, including Michigan, have been hoping that he'd make his way to their respective schools for camp this summer since it could have marked their last opportunity at getting him in for a visit. Hemingway's decision timetable still calls for him to make his choice before the summer is over.

"Yes," Hemingway replied when asked if he would pick a school early. "I'll make my decision before my season starts up on August 29th."


When Michigan's summer camp started this past Sunday, Hemingway was not one of the athletes expected to be in attendance. However, the Wolverines were able to convince the southern star to make it up to campus shortly after camp concludes as part of a three-school northern tour.


"I don't think I'm going to any camps, but I'm actually coming up to Michigan this Friday," he said. "We decided that we needed to take the trips and we decided to take the farthest trips first. So we're going to Michigan, Notre, Dame and Ohio State. We're going to leave Thursday and probably get to Michigan the next morning. I guess Notre Dame is two or three hours from Michigan, so Friday afternoon we'll head to Notre Dame to visit them and stay over. Then Saturday morning we'll go visit Ohio State."


Hemingway continues to insist that distance will not be a factor in his choice, which is good news for the aforementioned programs. However, the three Midwest powers will face stiff completion from the southern schools on the youngster's newly trimmed down list.


"I've got a top eight," he said. "It's Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Florida, Miami, and Notre Dame. Whenever I go see them, it's going to be whatever school catches my eye."


Hemingway indicated that he also plans to visit Florida, Miami, and Virginia Tech, but that he has yet to come up with dates for those trips.

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Guest TDJesus3

welcome irish win


i would love to see jr jump on, and its a possibility, but i think the three wr's we get are kumara, benn, little, and if we take a 4th its a guy who could be a corner like jones, or thompson (who is just to much talent to pass up)...however, if JR jumps on early then maybe u see 4 with the possibility of little moving

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Guest NDLawJAG

I'm not so sure Broke... This guy has had an offer for a while. We may not have talked about him much but he is not a second tier player. ESPN has him at 87, equal to Benn and higher than Thompson or Kamara. Scout and Rivals both have him as a four star player with scout having him in the top 100.


When I get home tonight, I'll watch some more of his tape and decide where I would stack him among the five we have offered (seven if you want to count Sukay and Barnes as WRs).

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Guest NDLawJAG

1. Arrelious Benn- 6-1, 208 lbs, Washington, D.C.- 9.3

2. Deonte Thompson- 6-0, 180 lbs, Belle Glade, Florida- 9.0

3. Duval Kamara- 6-4, 205 lbs, Hoboken, New Jersey- 8.7

4. Junior Hemmingway- 6-2, 205 lbs, Conway, South Carolina- 8.5

5. Greg Little- 6-3, 208 lbs, Durham, North Carolina-8.4

6. Dwight Jones- 6-5, 210 lbs, Burlington, North Carolina- 8.4

7. Curtis Brown- 6-0, 174 lbs, Gilmer, Texas- Texas- 8.3

8. Markques Simas- 6-2, 205 lbs, San Diego, California- 8.2

9. Terrance Tolliver- 6-5 180 lbs, Hempstead, Texas- 8.2

10. Lansford Watson- 6-4, 217 lbs, Lincoln, New York- 8.1

11. Dion Lecorn- 5-11, 196 lbs, Ocala, Florida- 8.1

12. Ahmad Page- 6-3, 175 lbs, Sterlington, Louisiana- 8.1

13. Niles Paul- 6-0, 200 lbs, Lincoln, Nebraska- Nebraska- 8.1

14. Morgan Burnett- 6-1, 182 lbs, College Park, Georgia- 8.0

15. Alphonso Bryant- 6-0, 186 lbs, Homestead, Florida- 8.0


This from the NFL Blitz thread.... With Kamara and Benn on board it could be a race to see if Little or Hemingway get on board first... Then Thompson can fill in the last spot.

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"I've got a top eight," he said. "It's Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, Florida, Miami, and Notre Dame. Whenever I go see them, it's going to be whatever school catches my eye."

it's a good sign when ND makes his top 8 twice. :D

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Guest VagasFerguson44

It would be great to have Ernest Hemingway's great grandson on the team. Maybe he'll bring the cats to campus from Key West.

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Guest NDLawJAG

Just watched his film... Jr reminded me alot of Benn. They both look effortless as they run with the ball. It is almost like they are jogging but they are still outrunning everyone. He has great acceleration, with a good burst coming out of the bubble screen. I agree that he looks bigger than the 6'3" he is listed at, he seems to have long arms with great hands. Benn, Little, JR and Sukay would be very similar WRs with good mix of size, speed and balance.


I would rate them based solely on their WR skills, Benn, JR, Sukay and Little. Little has great athletic potential. Sukay has a good nose for the ball. Little, Sukay and JR could also play other positions. I would love to have any of them.

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Guest NDLawJAG

I think that Kamara and Thompson fit into other categories. I would like Kamara, great size, and Thompson, great speed, alnog with at least one of the other guys. If I was ranking them all, it would be:

1) Benn-- I loved this guy from the first time I saw him

2) Kamara-- Need another big reciever

3) Thompson-- I would love his speed

4a) JR-- I think he would be a great number four guy

4b) Sukay-- If he cannot beat out the others then he would be a great safety

4c) Little-- RB/LB


If we had a great haul this year... there are a couple guys from last year that could shift positions as well.

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