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my man gerald jones


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Seventeen programs have seen enough of Gerald Jones to make a scholarship offer.




Jones is planning on an official visit to Notre Dame.

Now the 6-foot, 185-pound athlete from Oklahoma City, Okla., figures it's his time to start looking around by setting up an ambitious summer schedule that will help Jones cut his list of potential programs in half before the start of next season. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tech Tech have already received visits with Arkansas on tap this weekend followed by Kansas and Kansas State on June 17-18.


But that still leaves double-digit programs for Jones to check out.


"I guaranteed that my summer will go by really quick," Jones said. "I'm trying my hardest to visit as many schools as I can."


Jones said he won't visit Notre Dame this summer but the Irish will probably be in line for an official visit during the season. The high school quarterback projects at running back or wide receiver depending on the program in question and plans to take all five official visits before committing after the season. Virginia Tech is one of the few programs recruiting Jones as a future quarterback.


As for Notre Dame, Jones said the Irish project him at receiver, although he'd rather play running back.


"Notre Dame wants me at wide receiver and I'm fine with that," Jones said. "I think I'd be a pretty good receiver, but it would be even better if they wanted me at running back. I let them know that, and Coach Weis told me, 'I saw your film and you can do it all.' He said they'll try me at running back and if it doesn't work out, they'll move me to receiver."


Jones plays quarterback for Millwood High School during the fall, but works at guard during the winter and spring. Jones' prowess on the basketball court will force him to make a tough decision because while he wants to enroll early for football, Millwood is the defending state champions in 3A basketball. Jones said the team could return all five starters from last season.


If Jones opts for early enrollment, odds are it won't be with the Sooners or Cowboys. Leaving home isn't a definite, but Jones said he's looking forward to a chance to try something new in college. That sentiment didn't stop Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy from visiting Jones in recent weeks.


"It's a possibility," Jones said about staying at home. "I didn't plan on it until I went to visit and I was impressed with OU and OSU. I'd rather go out of state but if something came up and I had to stay close to home, I'd be willing to do that."


Weis and Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach rounded out the list of head coaches stopping by Millwood.


"That says a lot about coaches for the head coach to take time out from his busy schedule to come see a kid," Jones said.


"One of the best things I like about Charlie Weis is that he's very up front and blunt. He doesn't beat around the bush or sugar coat anything. He tells you exactly how everything is going to be. You would expect that from an ex-Super Bowl champ."


Jones also gave high marks to Leach and the Red Raiders.


"Mike Leach is very similar to Charlie Weis," Jones said. "I got a chance to visit Tech and they were real cool there. If I was to go there, I could probably do some damage in their offense. The biggest thing that stood out is that the people were blunt there, they told it like it is

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Guest NDLawJAG

I thought it was interesting that the coaches initially wanted him at WR. I was thinking all along that he would be a RB based on his film and the relatively few offers we have made at RB.

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Guest TDJesus3

hes a football player, put the ball in his hands and make it happen, but no way does he play rb at ND, more than likely he is a wideout/kr type guy, who may line up in the backfield and catch some screens

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Guest TDJesus3

yea im wondering how much love the staff is showing him, because he loves texas tech, and i find it hard to believe that weis and co. can't beat out texas tech if they want to

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just saw this on scout. he said that he did not want to visit unoffically this summer but wants to take and offical so that he could be there all weekend.


The graduation percentage of football players,” Jones responded when asked what he was looking for in a college. “Academics is very big. Honestly I’m going to be strong on sports because that’s No.1 with me because that’s what I really want to be. At the same time I want to have the backup, the support academically."


“The tradition of the football team and I’m really big on team unity," he continued. "Since I’m going to be away from home I want to see if the team’s a family, I will have to find that out on the visits.”

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Guest NDLawJAG

The issue with this kid is how he adapts to a new position. As a RB, I do not think he is an every down back but he will provide a nice change of pace. Plus, I loved to see a few plays were he lines up at QB. CW will have all kinds of fun with this kid.

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Guest SirJohn

NDLawJAG: Lines up at QB? :shock: Now that's courting trouble with the board. :lol:


Personally I wouldn't mind SOME running back with SKILL and EXPERIENCE tossing the ball, ala Paul Hornung at Green Bay back when. That was just an added unexpected and exciting scheme, most of you are too young to have seen it in person.


I mentioned this way back when here for Demi Jones, or even punting duties.


Weis has no pre conceived notions other then Demi is NOT to run from the QB slot but if he wants to run and pass that would seem a fit. But he and about everyone was all over me about his being just a QB.


My interest was in just opening up some new demensions. Paul was a QB so was more accurate tossing from the HB slot. Turning a broken play into yards.


Most punters that run or pass really have no skills that way, ditto running backs.

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