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Michigan Game

el senor domer

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It is what Chiro and I drink every time there is a victory or whenever the mood strikes us! It is an Irish Cream Ale!





Wexford Irish Cream Ale is the first Irish cream in a widget can to be imported to the United States.

Light to medium bodied, Wexford Irish Cream Ale is real Irish draft beer in a can. It is on of the largest brands and biggest selling cream ales in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The rich, smooth flavor of Wexford Irish Cream Ale was born over five generations of brewing traditions in the family owned Wexford Ale Company established in 1810.

The naturally mellow taste of this Irish Cream Ale comes from an original recipe using only Irish malt and hops. It contains 5% a.b.v.

The Wexford can contains an in-can system that produces a creamy head for an authentic draft experience.

Wexford is now also sold in kegs.

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Guest gallup21

im going, where should we meet? cant meet after the game cuz im with my grandparents and they have a dinner thing

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Guest gallup21
Broker I know that myself and Chiro will be there Chiro will have plenty of Wexford in him!!!


is wexford beer? cuz im underage and im not allowed to drink beer. I like rootbeer though, so that should be fine.

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Guest SirJohn

Waxford what? I'll check it out. Nick Try Vernors Ginger ale (also one hell of a mixer.) It's aged 7 years in OAK barrells long story, delicious, it's colore like a beer and has a white head even. Just simply for a soft drink the best of the best :lol:


Krogers may have it very very hard to find it's not massed produced coke crap. Krogers gives it little shelf space about $2.57 a six pack

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Guest subatlanticirish

Sorry to disappoint Chiro and El Senor but Wexford ale is brewed by Greene King in Bury St Edmunds England for the foreign market i.e USA


Like 4.4 40's and 6"6 lineman do not always believe what is printed on the tin!!


It is brewed to an Irish RECIPIE from a brewer called Letts that closed down in the thirties.The same brewery that Coors have got the license to brew Killian's.


Kinsale lager and O'Hara's from Carlow are the only 2 small breweries in Ireland that export at the moment,


If the Irish play in Dublin on their neutral venues tour will gladly show that Ireland sell more than Guinness.


Being a beer monster is my second hobby after ND football!!


Remember ND Football is not just a case of life and death - it's more important than that!!


Keep the faith.





P.S If it tastes good who cares where it is brewed?

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Guest SirJohn

Hey subatlantic nice post. I'm a beer fan too i made Wine and beer as a hobby (legal) Know that stuff. Fun hobby Yopu just can't 'sell' it must give it away.


There's a great German i'd like to track down again, dang forgot the name.

Super taste. (Hops malt a liquid bread.


The Vernors Gingerale i suggested to nick try that. Aged in wood barrels seven years. Story behind that is a Phamacist made this pretty good ginger ale but he left to join the Union Army Civil war. He stored the syrup in a barrel in the basement. Upon release from army seven years later he remembered it and WOW! Is good. (Great mixer with makers mark. THUD! :drunk:

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