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Rivals Rankings Schedule

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Rivals will start releasing their 5 Star Prospects on May 30th. Details can be found at:





Rivals Rankings release schedule

May 30-June 2 Five-stars announced in alphabetical order

June 5 Rivals100

June 6 Rivals100 by position

June 12 Rivals250

June 13 Rivals250 by position

June 15 Complete position rankings

June 19 State rankings begin

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Guest BGIF

Rivals revealed the first 7 names, alphabetically, of their 27 Post Evaluation 5 Star Prospects. The remaining 20 will be revealed over the next couple of days




Tray Allen OL UTX verbal

Marvin Austin DT

Allen Bailey LB/DE

Joseph Barksdale DT

Arrelious Benn WR

Eric Berry CB

John Brantley QB UTX verbal


Barksdale seems to have made the biggest jump of this group.

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Guest SirJohn

Guys it's the "PAID SITE" morbid mentality. feed you spoonful of pablum, make you hungry and come back.


Otherwise report em all at once and heck there's nothing to print out to eager fans next week. They dangle the carrot ratings or cough, cough inside info, reader is the goat and you pull the cart (make the paysites rich) :roll: :lol: Clever when you really sit down analyse and consider the situation.

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Guys it's the "PAID SITE" morbid mentality. feed you spoonful of pablum, make you hungry and come back.


Otherwise report em all at once and heck there's nothing to print out to eager fans next week. They dangle the carrot ratings or cough, cough inside info, reader is the goat and you pull the cart (make the paysites rich) :roll: :lol: Clever when you really sit down analyse and consider the situation.


If I have seen the first seven, that means that I have already paid. So, how do they get more money for me to see the next 3 days of announcements.

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Guest SirJohn

Oh yee of little faith and "inside knowledge" of the "news"hacks and boiler room, smokefilled backroom con artists, carni guys and wannabe wiseguys. :lol: To put it all out at once creates a 'hole in the next days, weeks, months $$$ sheduled pablum spoon.


Don't you have to personally feel like your getting value for your $99.50 a year? :) Board room. Ok we got these 100 kids that are going to be our TOP 100. Cheers applause, visions of christmas bonus coming, smell of burbon. Issue 49 7, issue 50 7, issue 51 7 etc. CLUE Don't you keep coming back for the carrot? :lol: What have you been missing by not subscribing to (Stick in a name) :lol:


How many times have you guys stated "This appears to be a re hash of another article X month ago?" :lol: It is.


My screen name is Yesterdaysnews. I know NEWS bit of ex reporter. A rehash is to fill a void, dead time. Usually in original story you leave out ohhhhh gosh?? 6 quotes. Two months later you can republish same article move a few things around to change it and add the old quotes you never used, draw your salary and get it sent around the globe. :lol:


They are extinct dino's and know it and are sweating in age of internet. :)


Not really Sportswriters, for all the ex hack coaches they hire.

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Guest Kgreene2343

I'm not sure either, but I think he's saying how all pay sites are crocks and all reporters are coaches or players that couldn't make it in football.

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Guest SirJohn

broker :D They need to dib and dab it out to you each issue to fill that issue so you feel it's worth $99.50 a year. If they blew it all one week sent it all out at once they have a HUGE hole with nothing to say next issue, and you will get upset for forking over $99.50 for a dead issue. "creative news reporting' :(


dino'ws (Extinct) they know they are being beaten out by Gosh Internet, cell phones and places like this DD :lol: We hear had a guy last fall who's sister was cell phoning him info from a HS game our recruit was in. We had this "inside" long before hacks or even mainstream media. With the Internet I had a New jersey Priest tell me trattou was Irish waaaaaaaaay back before anyone even DD or rivals knew. You don't need these cell phone paid boiler rooms calling kids in the future. :)


Yes i know they make a 'lucrative' living off Rivals 100, Rivals camps and what not. It isn't just little old Sir John here saying this it's Coach C

Charlie Weis "Wadda they know?"


Hasn't it been said over and over and yet over again if Charlie wants him then forget what Rivals, Scout, Lemming says?


Besides although all is cool with Ryan and Nick, I hold a grudge with Mike frank muscleing in on this site and demanding a member get banned (TK)


It was inadvertent on his (TK's)part, Mike Frank also said I pubbed "premium" storys. ( I wouldn't subscribe to that rag.) I had to point out to that clod, he/ had published it free on internet. :lol: How can Mike muscle in and say who should be banned? Am I to keep up with what he does paid and free if he's a bit too "fogged" to recall himself?


Not my fault Mike can't keep up with his own boiler room info what he pubs or pimps as free or paid :lol: This is America Mike and I hope your paid rag withers :lol: Just one mans opinion and you gave yours, broker gave his (Isn't america grand? Remember that mike next time you want an American banned OK Pal? :evil:

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The Final 6




The final six five-stars for the initial release of the class of 2007 features two big-play wide receivers from Florida and Texas, two impressive jumbo athletes from the Midwest, a versatile running back from California and another quarterback prospect from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.


Wisconsin tackle Josh Oglesby, Texas wide receiver Terrance Toliver, Florida wide receiver Deonte Thompson, Virginia quarterback Tyrod Taylor, California running back Marc Tyler and Illinois defensive end Martez Wilson round out Rivals.com's 27 five-star selections.


At Noon EDT Monday, Rivals.com will release the first Rivals100 for the class of 2007. At Noon EDT June 12, the first Rivals250 will be released.


Class of 2007 Five-Star Prospects


Josh Oglesby


Position: Offensive tackle

High School: Milwaukee (Wisc.) St. Francis

Height: 6-7

Weight: 315

Why he's a five-star: One of the Midwest's top prospects at any position, Oglesby is one of the biggest and best players to come out of Wisconsin in the past five years. With an NFL body that should make him ready to go in college, Oglesby is a mauler on the offensive line and he's not afraid to get up in anybody's face and plant them to the ground. He's a special player that's already heading to Wisconsin. Oglesby committed to the Badgers on April 28, picking Wisconsin over offers from Florida State, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State and USC.

• Vote: Should Josh Oglesby be a five-star?


Tyrod Taylor


Position: Dual-threat quarterback

High School: Hampton (Va.)

Height: 6-1

Weight: 193

Why he's a five-star: The next great quarterback from Hampton Roads? Taylor has been compared to former Virginia high school great Ronald Curry for his combination of passing skills and athleticism and comparison to the Vick brothers is also inevitable. As a junior he threw for 2,000 yards and 22 scores against only 6 interceptions. He also ran for 800 yards and six more scores. Taylor has a strong arm and makes good decisions when it comes to throwing or tucking and running the ball. A true dual-threat under center, Taylor is a passer first but is very dangerous outside the tackles and when he tucks and runs. He has terrific mechanics, a quick release and a strong arm. Taylor has quick feet and legitimate speed. His footwork is excellent and his drops are smooth. The level of competition in his area has helped his development and he's a strong leader.

• Vote: Should Tyrod Taylor be a five-star?


Deonte Thompson


Position: Wide receiver

High School: Belle Glade (Fla.) Glades Central

Height: 6-0

Weight: 180

Why he's a five-star: One of the fastest wide receiver prospects in the country, Thompson is a threat to score a touchdown any time he touches the ball. Is he the most polished route runner? No. Does he catch every single thing that is thrown to him? No. But, he's the type of receiver that can catch a slant pattern or a wide receiver screen and literally outrun multiple defenders to the end zone and the type of guy that can develop the other parts of his game at the next level. Thompson also, as most Glades Central prospects do, loves to compete and to play the game of football so his desire to become a more complete receiver at the next level and beyond is in place. He caught 21 passes for 375 yards and six touchdowns in 2005. Every major program in the Southeast and most around the country have offered Thompson, though most believe that Miami (Fla.) and Florida are the two teams to beat.

• Vote: Should Deonte Thompson be a five-star?


Terrance Toliver


Position: Wide Receiver

High School: Hempstead (Texas) Hempstead

Height: 6-4

Weight: 185

Why he's a five-star: A 6-foot-4, 185-pound wide receiver with speed doesn't come along often and the state of Texas is home to that top prospect in Terrance Toliver. The Hempstead, Texas product is not just a big body that can catch the fade pass, but has great feet and very good speed. His national list of offers only adds to the hype surrounding Toliver and he can certainly back it up. The Lone Star prospect posted a 4.47-second 40-yard dash and dominated a strong defensive back group at the NIKE Training Camp in College Station this spring. Toliver's ability to make the tough catch and out leap smaller defensive backs makes him very dangerous and loaded with potential for college coaches to work with. His ability on the basketball court also shows off his athleticism and versatility that coaches love.

• Vote: Should Terrance Toliver be a five-star?


Marc Tyler


Position: Running back

High School: Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian

Height: 6-0

Weight: 215

Why he's a five-star: Marc Tyler has outstanding bloodlines. He is the son of former UCLA Bruin, Los Angeles Ram and San Francisco 49er great Wendell Tyler and many of his father's excellent traits can bee seen in him. Just like his dad, he's a great all-around player that can kill you in a number of different ways. He's easily the most complete running back in the nation. He can pound out the yards between the tackle. He can beat you to the outside on toss sweeps and he's also got some of the softest hands of anybody at his position. "I coached Russell White," Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell said. "Russell was a first-team All-American at Cal and is still the all-time leading rusher in the school's history. Marc Tyler is in Russell White's category." USC and Notre Dame are considered the front runners, but Tyler has offers from almost everybody that recruits Southern California.

• Vote: Should Marc Tyler be a five-star?


Martez Wilson


Position: Weakside DE

High School: Chicago (Ill.) Simeon

Height: 6-4

Weight: 228

Why he's a five-star: It took us about three plays to see how good Martez Wilson is. In a big time battle against rival Morgan Park, Wilson lined up one play at receiver and he leaped over two defenders on a long bomb for a big gain. Then on another play he lined up at linebacker and tackled the running back for a 5-yard loss on a toss sweep. On the third play, he lined up at defensive end, blew by the offensive tackle and ran down star quarterback Demetrius Jones in the open field for a sack. As soon as that tape started to make rounds with college coaches, they started to see what everybody else knew in Chicago for 12 months now – Wilson is a freak. Wilson has offers from Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and many more. He'll easily be one of the most heavily recruited players in Illinois in the past five years.

• Vote: Should Martez Wilson be a five-star?

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Guest JerseyDomer

I know we shouldn't put too much wieght in stars, but kinda surprising that Ben Martin left off the 5 star list?

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I am scratching my head over not seeing Clay on there. I am also surprised to see Wilson on there since no one knew who he was 30 days ago.


I am not surprised that Martin is not on there.


Guy, I agree with all that you said. Not that Wilson doesn't deserve it but he just appeared to be under the radar. One thing that Rivals does with their stars is consider whether the recruit will be academically eligibility. That heavily weighs into their rankings. Clay could very well not make the grades. If he had the grades, ND would have been all over him. IMO, he is better than Tyler.

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