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Paskorz is Irish!


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Guest TDJesus3

nice find scotty!


this is a big lb get, i like this kid hes going to be a player, a fast athlete who will make noise at lb in college

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Pittsburgh (Pa.) Hampton linebacker/running back Steve Paskorz (6-foot-2, 220 pounds, 4.6 seconds) is recovering from surgery to correct ligament damage on his ankle that he played with all last season. During this recovery time, Paskorz has seen his scholarship offer total double. Virginia is a school that offered early in Paskorz's recruitment. Are the Cavaliers still a team of interest for the talented Keystone State athlete?




Steve Paskorz is planning a busy visit schedule over the summer. Virginia is one of his planned destinations.

"Yes, Virginia is still a team I am very interested in. I regularly receive letters from all of their coaches and that means a lot to me," said the Rivals100 standout.


Paskorz has visited UVa twice in the last seven months. Is he planning another visit to Charlottesville?


"I am planning to get back down there. I am calling Coach (Dave) Borbely this week to set it up for June."


When we last spoke to Paskorz in early April, he had five scholarship offers. The count is now at 10 and it looks as if it will continue to grow from there.


"My newest offer is from UConn. I also have offers from Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Pitt, Ole Miss, Iowa, Temple, Indiana and Vanderbilt."


A team to watch in Paskorz's recruitment is Notre Dame.


"Notre Dame has really increased their interest in me. They have visited the school along with many schools like Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt, West Virginia, Michigan State, Iowa and many more."


Paskorz was thinking about making an early decision, but that is no longer the case.


"I plan on narrowing down my list over the summer. I will most likely make my decision sometime during the fall. I want to take a few official visits and get a few games under my belt to see where I fit in best on the field."


Paskorz is planning a busy summer visit schedule. The first visit has already been planned.


"I will be visiting Ohio State on May 21. I plan on checking out each school that has offered, including UVa."


Last season, Paskorz rushed for 1,291 yards and 14 touchdowns. He maintains a 3.74 GPA and is awaiting the results of the SAT he took on May 6. Paskorz is a member of the pre-evaluation Rivals100



just found this article from rivals its funny what some people say before they get an offer for ND. he sounded interested in a lot of schools.it was dated may 9

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Guest TDJesus3

nagel and neal weren't pre-eval top 100 but i think thats because they were under the radar, i think neal is a lock for top 100 and nagel has an outside shot but i don't think he will end up top 100

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Guest TDJesus3

ok so the question now becomes where are we at with lb recruiting?


I know wilson is being recruited as an lb, but i think hes in his own catagory, i think if he comes he comes (which i think he will) and i think he fills as a 4th de or a lb, i don't think his recruitment really affects how many lbs we go after


We know that a mlb is still coming whether that is going to be Smith or Jackson or someone else is still up in the air, i still bet on Smith, being a legacy and likely the better prospect...also Galippo is a sleeper, the staff is still recruiting him hard and if you don't see a mlb prospect it means they are holding out hope for gallippo (but i wouldnt think they would hold spots for both him and wilson, or even him and austin that would leave to many spots till the end, but if those guys commit before the very end then maybe a spot is held for gallippo is the staff thinks they have a shot)


I still think we take one more lb prospect (excluding wilson and our mlb), even with nagel and paskorz on board, Walker looks like the most likely prospect, i guess dailey is still out there but he seems too much like nagel and paskorz to add to this class...anyone have any thoughts?

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Guest DCIrish

Not sure. I watched Allen Bailey's video the other day and he is a remarkable MLB. I cannot believe we are not pushing for him. While he might not be interested at present, the same holds true for a number of targets, including Gallippo. That Gallippo committed on the first day makes him way too difficult to get IMO.


We really need an established LB to come aboard. IMO Pakoroz is more of an athlete rather than a full-time LB. It will take some time for him to learn the major college football LB skills. Pakoroz can run, that's for sure. But he is undersized right now and we need a guy that can take on big OGs and FBs in the middle. Pakoroz is not the answer just yet...You cannot coach speed and I think he can develop into a player, it's just gonna take a while.


I really want a big LB to come aboard....Hope that makes sense... Chris Walker would be my choice, but I'm probably missing some prospects.

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personally, i think Wilson will be recruited as the 4th LB/ 3rd DE. I think Trattou is an eventual DT.


Is Harrison Smith being recruited as a LB or a safety? If LB than I don't see how the numbers work out. It does appear that we are recruiting quite a few guys that have unknown college positions. Sukay, Paskorz, Wilson, Harrison Smith, Michael Williams, Ron Johnson. I'm probably missing a few more.


a few thoughts on Paskorz. Don't count him out as a RB. Word has it that the staff is warming up to him as a potential RB. Could Paskorz be considered a future MLB. With some added weight that would seem to be an awesome fit. He has the toughness and very good speed.


As for the MLB's that are currently on the radar I give Brian Smith the nod over Kyle Jackson because the staff said they want to have Jackson at camp and to see some of his senior tape. Jackson isn't able to make the camp so they will have to wait till his senior season. It would be hard for him to get an offer before fall. edge to Smith.


My LB prediction: Paskorz, Montez Wilson, Nagel, Brian Smith and Harrison Smith. Smith could end up at S and Wilson is probably an eventual DE.

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Guest TDJesus3

well said broke, i agree with the positions, i think versatility is a good thing, especially when you are talking about talents like wilson and smith

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Guest VagasFerguson44

From what I am hearing, Martez Wilson will be a DE NOT an LB so factor that into your LB recruiting analysis.

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Guest bluester2000

Paskorz looks like he could be a MLB prospect. 220# isn't shabby for a junior in high school. Another year of high school ball plus an offseason of lifting and nutrition he could be up to 230 before he even steps on campus. It appears that the staff isn't looking for the prototypical Mike, unless they're an amazing talent (Galippo). I think Charlie would prefer a group of fast, swarming guys who are versatile enough to play any of the three linebacker positions.

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If Kerry Neal holds the record for quickest verbal commitment in history, Steve Paskorz can't be far behind.


"Coach (Charlie) Weis called today and put out an offer," Paskorz told BlueandGold.com this evening, "and I committed on the spot."


paskorz_steve300x262The Pittsburgh native was expecting something soon after Weis visited his coaches at Hampton High School last Friday, and he had his mind made up long before the Irish were officially an option.


"The Blue-Gold Game was pretty much what set it off," said Paskorz. "The atmosphere was what separated it...(And) getting a degree from there, it's hard to beat that."


Paskorz said that he doesn't plan to have a press conference or any kind of big announcement -- he spent most of Wednesday making phone calls to friends, family and reporters, and that was good enough for him.


"I just like to fly under the radar," he said.


The next question for Paskorz is what position he'll end up playing. Right now, he says, Notre Dame has him on the board as a linebacker, most likely on the inside -- but Weis has said that the more he sees of Paskorz at running back, the more intrigued he has become.


"When I get up there, they're going to try me at both positions and see where I fit in," Paskorz said.


For now, he's just happy to have the chance to play for his top choice. Where he gets slotted on the field, that's just a minor detail.

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