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Guest JerseyDomer

When I grow up I actually want to be Mark May. Then i will committ suicide and all ND fans never have to put up with him again!

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:shock: :shock: :shock: Here's Johnny! :shock: :shock: :shock:


I'm back! Just had to take a break. Drank a lot of Rocky Mountain cold silver bullet by the pool for a few days in between speaking to future chiros at my alma mater and performing corporate espionage. Gave them a little Lou, peppered with some Gerry Faust and the Weisman. Hey EL Senor! Thanks for the vote of confidence. BTW my grass is getting a little high. You left your sombrero on my lawnmower!

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Guest bluester2000

I know I missed him. Otherwise he wouldn't be here. The stupid rain fogged up my scope. Next time I think I'll just go with piano wire, much more reliable.

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Guest SirJohn
:) Sorry for not saying welcome back Chiro. Currently ^&%^ing with Columbus Ohio Birth Records to find me :( :censored: Yes born a buckeye :oops: :oops: Just got a little smarter then others by backing ND :clap: :drunk:
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