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USC suspends QB Sanchez after sexual assault arrest

el senor domer

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LOS ANGELES -- Southern California backup quarterback Mark Sanchez was released from jail early Thursday following his arrest for investigation of sexually assaulting a female student, authorities said.


Sanchez, 19, was released shortly after midnight after posting $200,000 bail, said Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Ban Nguyen.


He was arrested around 4 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex near campus, Los Angeles police Officer Jason Lee said. No other details were immediately available.



USC officials said they will temporarily suspend Sanchez while police conduct their investigation.



"The university takes charges of sexual assault seriously," Michael Jackson, USC vice president of student affairs, said in a statement. "Depending on the facts as established by the LAPD, we will determine the appropriate action. In the interim, the student will be placed on interim suspension while the case is pending."



USC coach Pete Carroll said he was aware of Sanchez's arrest and that the Trojan football program would cooperate with police and "follow along with whatever action the university takes."



Sanchez is listed on the Trojans' depth chart as the backup to John David Booty, but was expected to battle for the starting job this fall. Booty practiced only once this spring before he injured his back and had to undergo surgery.



Sanchez, a redshirt freshman, played the recent spring scrimmage and has been practicing with the first unit.



His arrest was one of several off-field problems for USC within the last year. However, no charges were brought in the other cases.

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Guest subatlanticirish

Pete Carroll better start looking into his own backyard.

I seem to remember him saying that N.D would be under probation for violations within a year of Charlie taking over

The HYPOCRITE , first Bush and now Sanchez it is obviously a program out of control ,a la Switzer ,and should be given a DEATH PENALTY !!!!

Players to busy going to tinseltown parties are not interested in the education a proper university can give.

Hence, the abundance of JUCO'S that arrive every year.

Just imagine how good Notre Dame could be with these short term fixes!!


But Hey , we are N.D and have got some christian values and morals and know what an institution of learning should be.



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Guest subatlanticirish

I meant that USC should receive the same penalty as Southern Methodist.

These infractions are more than likely the tip of the iceberg.

Disliking USC every year just saves time !!


If the NCAA do get busy (highly unlikely) it would be fun to see the

normal rule of phsyics upheld.




All directional schools suck and should only be played by teams like Michigan trying to pad their schedule.

Cases in point Central Michigan,Southwestern Louisiana and the beloved Northern Illinois!!

Southern Cal are clearly too good for their brethren and some humility would not go amiss (oops I nearly forgot Southern Miss).


Therefore if I were NCAA president , stringent measures would have to be taken to restore natural order , with heavy loss of scholarships for USC.


So if I have not allienated half of America ? I bid you goodnight from good ole England.


Remember Pete ; sleep easy and don't have nightmares as the ncaa are watching you!!!!!




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Guest subatlanticirish

I NotreDamus predicted it- "tip of the iceberg"

First Bush ,then Leinart and Jarrett,Lendale on unidentified drugs.

Institution out of control? Nevada must be rubbing its hands at steady stream of USC stars it's getting.

Hope Poodle enjoys talking to lawyers all year , whilst Charlie zeroes in on the recruits.



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Guest Champion10

A USC assistant came to our school today(looking at some of our players I suppose). I dont think we have anybody on our team to get an offer from a top D1 program though.

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Guest Champion10

I wish it was the case....but being in SoCal alot of people like them :roll: . At any rate they watched some fild of my best friend(apparetly the scout didnt say anything good about him). It wouldnt have matter either way though as my friend hates USC as much anybody can :D

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