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Marvin Austin and Benn coming to the BG game

Guest TDJesus3

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Guest TDJesus3

Arrelious Benn tells Irish Eyes his buddy Marvin Austin is going with him on April 22 to the Blue and Gold Game.


This is Benn's second trip, but Austin's first. Benn is a very strong ND lean right now, but Austin is not, in my opinon


"I didn’t even have to talk him into it.” said Benn


Austin, apparently, didn't need much selling. He will once he gets on campus. Maybe he'll be impressed with what he sees.

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Guest TDJesus3

Here is a list I've compiled based on the paysites. These guys are/could be there.


Dionte Allen

Marvin Austin

Joseph Barksdale

Arrelious Benn

Josh Brent

Jimmy Clausen

Marcus Gilchrist

Kyle Jackson

Duval Kamara

Aaron Nagel

Kerry Neal

Josh Oglesby

Nic Pozderac

Mike Ragone

Matt Romine

Miles Stroter

Justin Trattou

Marc Tyler

Michael Williams

Major Wright


Brent, Jackson, Pozderac and Stroter do not have offers. Doesn't look like Ronald Johnson is coming after all. If anyone else knows of anyone who is planning on coming that I missed please let me know...that means you to broke, sorry if i stole ur thunder again, Im sure you have some to add to this

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Guest TDJesus3

or maybe he just wants to see what its like before he chooses USC...


I agree this looks good, and is a very good start to things, but im not sure this endears us to him, I get the feeling hes coming cause he likes Benn and he knows what Benn is doing and figures he should look into us too.


I hope we land this kid, im just feeling very much like Blue, we all know how blue is skeptical of everything, well when it comes to austin i have my doubts...sorry broke i know you disagree with me on this


Also, as far as my list goes im hearing rumors it could be growing fast, that where it is now could get up to 50 or more

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If anyone else knows of anyone who is planning on coming that I missed please let me know...that means you to broke, sorry if i stole ur thunder again, Im sure you have some to add to this


TD, I got nothing. You, and Giz, are the man today. That's one hell of a list compiled. Actually there is one more person visiting on that day that you don't have listed----broker. 5'10", 190 (and 35 years old). I'm still waiting for my letter to arrive.


TD, usually I agree with you but we greatly differ on Austin. I think we are the favorite. Charlie knows how bad we need him and he will probably have the opportunity up until NSD. he is the 2007 Sam Young. Our top guy at our biggest need position. I don't think that Austin would come because of Benn but that is something that could push us over the top with Austin.

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Guest NDLawJAG

As far as who is attending the B&G game, Marcus Gilchrist said he is attending. Last time I checked, Deonte Thompson was trying to make it.


I love the fact that CW has almost everyone of his current commits coming. Let the players that just went through it do a little recruiting for you.

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this is a sign. Austin may not consciously be leaning toward anyone right now, but subconsiously he's a ND lean with the Benn ties. Like I said it is a sign, no matter how large or small. He's going to ND's Spring Game notice, not someone else's. It may just be the Benn tie, but then again it could be that, like I said earlier, he is subconsiously or maybe even consiously leaning toward ND and just not showing it.

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Guest johnchampion

Austin has a buddy that plays for Tennessee too and he went to visit there.


Everyone is going to find a connection to a player as it pertains to them. His dad went here, his brother played there.


All that I read and see of Austin makes me wonder how serious he is about school. It is evident that he wants to take football to the next level. His strong interest in places like USC and Miami are red flags in my book. He talks about those places a great deal and manages to mention EDUCATION in the same sentence?


Come on, kid.

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Guest gizmokt24

This was posted on the scout board, but it looks like a new article interview. Take it for what it's worth:


"I'm interested in all 30 right now," he said. "I'll sit down with my coaches soon and start narrowing it down. There all good schools I have been to Penn State a few times and Notre Dame you have to look at. Coach (Charlie) Weis is getting it done. He is a very meticulous man. Arrelious Benn and Jimmy Clausen are looking at them, so I am interested."


Apparently he was pretty impressed with Penn State. I hope his trip to South Bend in a couple of weeks blows that out of the water. I think it helps that he'll be coming up with Benn, and the fact that Clausen will be there. (All speculation based on rumors) but if Benn and Clausen were to commit at the spring game, I think that could definitely tip the scales in our direction. We need this guy, maybe more than any other recruit.

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