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Golden Tate/Jimmy Clausen article


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Tate is gold standard for scoring versatility

By DAVE HOOKER, hookerd@knews.com

April 8, 2006


Football recruiting in Middle Tennessee isn't just good. It's golden.


Before I go any further, I'll ask that you forgive me for that first pun and any others that might follow when talking about Middle Tennessee's top prospect, Golden Tate of Pope John Paul II. His name is just too hard to pass up.


Tate is very likely the top prospect in Tennessee. He's also one of the top prospects in the nation. He's even drawn comparisons to (gasp) former Southern Cal star Reggie Bush, who won the Heisman Trophy and is set to be the top selection in the NFL draft on April 29.


Like Bush, the 5-foot-11, 185-pound Tate isn't simply known as a running back, a wide receiver or a return specialist. He's all the above.


"His versatility," coach Jeff Brothers said when asked what made the Midas man so special. "He can score. He's one of the rare guys that can really score from anywhere on the field. He's dangerous every time he has his hands on the ball."


When Tate got his hands on the ball last year he proved, more times than not, that he was The Man with the Golden Run (that's the worst pun yet, but wait there's more to come, including another James Bond reference).


Tate scored from four different positions twice last year. Yes, twice. He pulled the Golden Quattro from tailback, wide receiver, defensive back and punt returner. (Note to opposing coaches: Don't kick or throw toward Tate or else he'll follow a yellow brick road to the end zone. Once again, I apologize.).


Tate already has offers from Clemson, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Alabama and UT. Tate first began receiving scholarship offers early in his junior season.


"There are probably others that I can't remember right now," Tate said.


It doesn't take a Goldfinger (see, I told you) to point out just how talented prospective colleges think Tate is.


"He's been offered by just about everybody that's seen a tape on him, and pretty quickly," Brothers said.


The Bush comparisons stop when Tate starts talking about his future destination. A college career in California, the Golden State, seems unlikely.


"I want to go somewhere I can play a little bit my freshman year," said Tate, who admitted that he grew up following Florida State, Florida and Miami. "I'd like to play somewhere in Florida or Notre Dame or Georgia. Florida, I just like the weather.


"Notre Dame is real cool and it's a Catholic school. I've heard it's really nice. And I just love the state of Georgia."


At least one person close to Tate's recruitment said Notre Dame is likely the school to beat. But that could change at any time.


"I'm trying to keep all my options open," Tate said. "UT is a pretty good school. It's a really nice campus. I like the SEC. We'll see."


Franklin High wide receiver Todd Campbell might be able to help the Vols recruit Tate. Campbell committed to UT Wednesday. The two mid-state stars have talked before about their college choices.


"I've actually been trying to sell Golden on them," Campbell said, referring to the Vols. "I'm going to do what I've got to do. If there's somebody around there (Middle Tennessee) they want, I'll help them out. I'll put in my two cents worth."


And in the words of Kenny Banya from Seinfeld, "That's gold, Jerry, gold!"


Actually, it's Golden.



Three's Not The Charm: Jimmy Clausen will not be the third quarterback from his family to play for Tennessee. Clausen informed UT's coaches that he has eliminated them from consideration. Clausen, who could be the top prospect in the nation, is expected to commit to Notre Dame soon.


A source close to Clausen's recruitment said the 6-3, 200-pound standout from Oaks Christian High in Westlake Village, Calif., never really considered UT. There was reason for hope for the Vols when Clausen's older brother, Rick Clausen, was hired as a graduate assistant following his senior year in 2005. Jimmy Clausen's eldest brother, Casey, was UT's starting quarterback from 2000-03.


Despite Casey's and Rick's contributions, UT and Jimmy may benefit from going their separate ways. Casey was never fully accepted by UT fans and the Clausen family was often angered by media coverage of both of their sons.


Rick, who was a captain last year, admitted that he considered quitting football when he was not named the starter last year.



Camp Conversation: For those 200 to 300 juniors who are attending UT's camp this weekend, today is a chance to impress UT's coaches with more than just physical accomplishments.

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Guest TDJesus3

he can play corner too, I really would like to land this kid, put him on the field anywhere and he will make plays

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Guest VagasFerguson44

So Spanky and Buckwheat are finalists in their school spelling bee. Buckwheat wins the toss so spanky goes first.


The teacher asks Spanky to spell "recess" and use it in a sentence. So he says, "R-E-C-E-S-S, if I am good and get all my assignments done before lunch I can go out for recess.". "Very well done!" says the teacher.


Now it is Buckwheat's turn and the teacher asks him to spell "dictate" and use it in a sentence. So Buckwheat says, "Dee-Eye-Cee-Tee-Ay-Tee-Eee, hey Darla, how'd my dictate last night?"

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Guest VagasFerguson44

Not random...dicTATE! As in Golden Tate. Get it?! Too late! Hey don't make me tell the Golden Taint joke!

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Guest GoldenGrotto
:cry: :( :cry: This is no place for any such "joke". How does this give praise and honor to Notre Dame, Our Mother. Please
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Guest GoldenGrotto
that is something that you are going to have to get used to GG. welcome to the site.


ForeverIrish (and others who have bid welcome) - thank you very much.


No one ought to "have to get used to" any "joke" or any other post that does anything inconsistent with the high ideals of Notre Dame, Our Mother. While all of us can continue to follow this sub-thread, I choose to make this the last [at least about this "joke"].

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