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Excellent video highlights from the 2005 season

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nice post,.. I really enjoyed the vid.


About Mark May, what a fag. I can't stand him. I think I figured out why he hates Notre Dame though. When he was at Pitt, his team had a better record than Notre Dame, but Notre Dame was selected to play over them in the National Championship game. Notre Dame lost the game pretty badly. So, Mark feels that Notre Dame is overrated. I also think that the whole Ty Willingham/race thing comes into play too. The bottom line, Mark May is a has-been who now works at the has-been half-way house known as ESPN. I love ESPN, but they got to get rid of such a bias scuzz.

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Guest IrishCupaJoe

Hey Guys,

You need to go to the website of the guy who created this film. Here, you can enjoy ALL of them, albeit, some of them are painful, as he has film highlights of THOSE games as well. Personally, I like the Tennessee film the best. I just clicked the "play" button on the far right, but it depends on how your 'puter is set up. Anyway, it's pretty fun, and a great site. I found it at "Blue & Gray Sky" (the blog). Have fun.



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Man, I will have to buy El Senor a nice, ice cold, Wexford Irish cream ale victory beer after our "Trouncing" of Penn State next year. And......If you don't puke at the Backer then we will get some cuervo gold and do some shots after we kick Michigan's Heine's. I have an old roommate from pro school that is a die hard michigan fan. Maybe we can invite him and let him buy our beer and tear down our tailgate. I also know enough Purdue fans that we might be able to let them drive us around town after they come to the sobering fact that we jsut kicked their team's caboose. We sure won't be hearing "1 ,2, 3, 4, first down from them next year! :oops: :lol:

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Is there any way that we can never erase this post so people like me can go back and watch this video and get pumped up for the day. :D


Yep. I'll move this to General Discussion and stick it to the top of the forum.

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