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Corbin Louks

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I told you guys about this kid a long time ago. Read what MSLCOMBINES.COM has to say. Although, I have not heard his name from my sources. I believe he is still a kid worth watching, as his stock is rising.


2007 SPOTLIGHT: Corbin Louks


By Larry Blustein

Recruiting Columnist

April 4, 2006

During the spring and summer, and into the season, MSLSports.net will bring you our SPOTLIGHT segments with top rising junior and senior football players throughout the country.


These are similar to the evaluations we pass on to the many colleges and universities who subscribe to our impressive information.


Here is another top football player to keep an eye on this season – and beyond.


PLAYER: Corbin Louks


SCHOOL: San Ramon Valley - Danville (California)



40 SPEED: 4.59

HEAD COACH: Dave Kravitz


When ever the name Roger Theder is mentioned to me, it signals that we are talking about one of the elite quarterback coaches in the country.


Spending many years in Florida, I am somewhat amazed at the number of quality quarterbacks the state of California puts out each year. Sort of like the defensive backs Miami-Dade County and the state of Florida churns out each season. It’s impressive - to say the least.


The number of quarterbacks who have gone through Theder’s program through the years is easy to trace. Just look at major colleges and on National Football League rosters.


Corbin is yet another who is a students at the Theder School of Stars. Watch him in three to four plays, and you can see why he is considered one of the elite in a state that could have as many as 15 play at the D1A level in 2007.


STRENGTHS: He has one of the quickest releases of any passer I have watched this year. While not like a Dan Marino, he does remind me of the way Peyton Manning did at the University of Tennessee. In fact, Corbin reminds me a lot of a young Manning.


As I sat and watched him in some 15 plays, the first thing that jumps out at you is his quick release and arm strength, which is quite impressive even when he throws off his back foot.


While taking lessons from a quarterback coach will never guarantee success, it does equate to learning new and better habits. While he does have a tendency to drop his arm to the side, it seems that a bell goes off in his head to switch back to the way he was taught, and when he extends his arm up and out, his velocity picks up and he becomes quite accurate.


Corbin’s short ball is easily his best. He has touch on “out patterns“, throws very accurate over the middle on “slants” and “quick look-in routes” and has a knack of looking off his initial receiver. Even his “fade patterns” - 12 to 5 yards in - are very nice.


He also throws well across his body, moving to his left, which is essential for a 6-1 quarterback, who needs to buy time to get a better look at the entire field.


WHAT HE NEEDS TO WORK ON: First of all, when you continue to throw off your back foot, you will bring on new problems. While he is quite accurate when he does throw off that back foot, I feel it comes back to haunt you. I say he cuts that back this year with another season under his belt.


I’m not totally convinced with his long game. I love the things he does on short and intermediate balls, but sometimes his long ball is not what it needs to be at the next level. Can he correct that? I say yes, again with experience and the natural progression of gaining strength.


His scrambling ability needs some work as well. But his vision and ability to look off receivers will help him gain more confidence. While not fast, his quick decision making gives him an edge in the speed department.


OVERALL: After a junior year in which he threw for 2,100 yards and 19 TD in the San Francisco area, this is someone I will continue to keep an eye on.


This is a young man who was named as an MSL Long Beach Combine Elite 22 two years ago and also holds down an impressive 3.24 grade point average.

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Guest TDJesus3

i have a feeling this kid may end up the USC recruit, I still think Paulus goes to Tenn or Michigan, which leaves this kid for USC

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I am here to tell you that this kid has been offered this week by 2 programs that face us each year. I'm not at liberty to say which one yet. However, we will be facing Louks if we don't recruit him and he is a stud! Mark my word. I told you guys about this kid a Looooong time ago. He is the shizzle. No kidding.

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Guest TDJesus3

we face lots of big time recruits chiro, but we can't take them all, Weis has decided to take JC over Paulus we will probably see Paulus, we can't take him too. It doesnt work that way we can only take 25 this year and we got holes to fill, we need other positions more than we need 2 qbs no matter how good he may be.

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Chiro, this article points out a few issues that make me question your confidence in him. He has issues with his footwork and has a questionable deep ball, how does that equate to being the "shizzle"?



EDIT: You can see his footwork problems in his "highlight" video that you linked. He doesn't seem to plant and throw on any pass. This may not hurt him with accuracy, but as long as his mechanics are "different" every mistake he makes will be scrutinized (see Vince Young).

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No one is perfect even. But to rank #1 out of 250 at N. California camp says quite bit. I know it sounds like I want to hoard QB's and I do! I just always fantasize about what CW can do with QB's since he transformed Tom Brady into a swan! You guys are also right that you can only bring so many alligators into the pond before they start trying to eat each other.

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"No one is perfect even. But to rank #1 out of 250 at N. California camp says quite bit" You're right, that does say alot, there's a ton of talent out here. But you have to trust Weis, and he says JC is #1, I think that says even more than rankings at a camp. I'll take a guy w/sloppy footwork or improper mechanics anyday over a guy that has talent and natural gifts but is not coachable or lacks work ethic. I think Weis sees the whole package in JC, it will be interesting to see this QB situation work out. I'm still a believer that we should take one, load up on speed in the wideout and defensive positions, tighten the 'd and coach the hell out of Frazer and Double D. I think if we bring one in this year, there will be some more lucky throwers who will grab Weis' attention.

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I believe CW is a man of his word. He has offered 1 QB to date (JC), and has told every other kid that can toss a ball that ND will bring in 1 QB this year. Paulus was told straight up that he was #2 on a very short list, and stated in an interview that he knew his offer would come pending JC's decision. That is why is was widely thought that Paulus was going to be the JC replacement for the team that misses out on JC…..but it looks like USC may be to deep at that position for some people.


If this guy is on CWs short list of QBs, it would probably be somewhere around 5th. If he gets an offer from ND, that would probably mean that we missed out on JC and Paulus.



Then again, I am just an armchair internet ND recruiting dork…so I very well could be 100% wrong.

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Guest bluester2000

Guy, you're so much more. Don't forget real life dork, king of the worst body odor championship, and world class pederast.

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How did these posts degenerate into body oder? :) My own is.....


SNIFF! (Cough, Hack Gag) presentable. I seem to recall Coach Weis warning Father Jenkins who appeared last years practice and wanted to speak with the boys. More or less Coach said Father the smell will be terrific. :lol:


I seem to be using Right Guard it's guarenteed to work (Cough! Hack! Gag) all day.


This must be the wrong day it works. :lol:

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No new news on this kid. From what I understand it is down to USC and Purdue. With his isze I think he fits better with Purdue but he is a California kid. The poodle already has been bitten once with Clausen. We will see if he tries to keep arguably the 2nd best QB in 2007 in state. By the way, Louks just turned 16 and is around 6'1" or 6'2''. I think if he grows this summer then he might very well end up the "Mustain" of 2007.

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