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Great News!!!!!

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It is alleged that ND is joining the Ivy League Conference in 2012! The really great thing about this is that we can hire a decent NAIA coach now for $150,000 a year and we can keep our asinine recruiting admission requirements in place! Sure it is not a BCS conference but hey! We are getting what the administration wants! National recruiting can now be international and we will pull back to 25 scholarships. The TV contract won't be renewed because we are above that now. We are Ivy League! Cheer cheer I say old bean! The Tigers of Princeton were most lively today. Let's go get drinks and make national policy! Cheerio. Just think of all the money saved. We don't even care about titles unless its the size of our endowment! This is what college is really supposed to be about. Gamce cancelled on Saturday. We have a calc test to study for on Monday!

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I think he has earned the right to post whatever the hell he wants...


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And I thought it was quite funny.


Agree 100% - amazing how many experts the board has picked up in the last couple weeks, though, isn't it?:flame:

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