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Hammer reporting that it's Stoops

Guest Goldfinger

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One of the first new threads I'm assuming after this info was posted on NDNation:


Nothing to see here. Or, now, elsewhere.


Too funny. I think they are trying to keep the cat from being let out of the bag IF its true. Maybe we should delete this thread so we don't get blamed for letting the cat out of the bag by keeping it up for the whole world to see?

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i would be ecstatic with stoops!!--- BUT not enough info to do anything but KEEP HOPE ALIVE on this coach!


i checked out the oklahoma site on scout---it seems they are clueless --- they are also surprisingly ambivenlent---"ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END"--- geez not the attitude i expected--- the guy has had one bad year and is bringing in the # 1 recruiting class--- but nonetheless-- they are VERY OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY HE MIGHT GO TO ND---------------------right now it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE-- so im not popping any champange just keeping fingers crossed


would be happy with kelly or patterson-- but ecstatic with stoops-----------------aloha go irish!

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