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Kelly's Skeletons...


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Mike Ditka coached the Bears for 10 years.


Jon Gruden was effectively "traded" from the Raiders to the Bucs -- I wouldn't consider that being shipped out because of his tactics.


Bill Belichick, a "fire and brimstone" guy most certainly, is in his 10th year as head coach of the Patriots.


Bill Parcells has won every where he goes -- and the teams he's left have been on HIS terms, not the other way around.


Fire and brimstone works, and these guys don't move around because it loses its effectiveness. Being a player's coach can also work (Pete Carroll) -- the key is getting the right guy for the program.



Katz, I'm not sensitive or trying to stir anything up...I just haven't seen a college coach in the last 20 years stick with a program who coaches in a disciplinarian way. Your example of Carroll is spot on...He's a player's coach...but the successful disciplinarian types at the college level usually burn out or burn the bridge within a short period of time and move on... that's one of my concerns with a potential hire in Brian Kelly.


I know you aren't saying that you prefer any particular candidate and I'm not trying to put words in your mouth... I'm just asking if you think that style of coaching can work in the long term at Notre Dame. My gut tells me no...but that is just my opinion and I'm happy to share a dialogue with you, and not tell you, you are right/wrong/informed/clueless or anything in between... I'm just sharing my opinion and concern with a candidate like Brian Kelly who has a history of being a dick to everyone he is in contact with...


I personally don't feel it's a fit for this program, regardless of the results he brings on the field. Mike Leach is also a winner (to an extent) but I don't think his pirate-schtick or 80/20 pass to run offense would work on the field or with alumni and national media, it's a different bird of another feather, but a similar opinion on how his philosophy on coaching would play out in So. Bend...

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I can not say I know a ton about Brian Kelly. This is purely my gut feeling on the situation. I do not believe he is the right hire for Notre Dame, anyone that does please tell me why you think so. I would be willing to bet if he got the job he woudl do ok but not this great savior that some think. yes he has turned around Cincy. but hey franchione turned around TCU made them national power. but how did he do at Texas A&M, terrible. We have no chance at getting this guy but the guy I like and I know it is a different schem than were are use too, and that is Paul Johnson. take these tough kids from the midwest mixed with the speed you can get out of Chicago area and we could be good. Play good defense ( were all your pro development would take place) with your best athletes. Take your scrappers and use them on offense and get after people. Just my Opinion. i have no problem with Charlie Wies, actually been a big supporter. But it might be time for a change, not that someone will do so much better, but he has had his chance. Let see what the next guy can do.

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You know what we're all missing in the Kelly debate? An excellent example of a person with BETTER credentials than him who is failing... This coach played in the Big East and was MUCH more successful than Kelly. The Big East was as bad then as it is now, yet a real BCS team decided to take a chance. Now, Michigan is looking to fire Rich Rodriguez, because he can't get it going. Do we want to be in the same position with Kelly? That's as parallel of a hire as it gets.

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