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Money talks

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

I found these statistics from last year and we were 6-6.


Football revenues top 10 schools

Texas $47,556.281

Tenn $46,704,719

Ohio state $46,242,355

Florida $42,710, 967

Georgia $42,104,214

Alabama $39,848,836

Notre Dame $38,596,090

Michigan $38,547,937

LSU $38,381,625

Auburn $37,173,943



Arraging by # of schools in the conference.


Notre Dame #38,596,090

SEC #35,019,318.70

Big 10 $25,164,491.09

Big 12 $21,567,730.42

Pac 10 $17, 674,424.30 (Ha! Ha!)

ACC $15,014,291.50

Big East $10,582,487.88

Mountain E $5,632,631.13

CUSA $ 5,213,817.00

WAC $3,475,662.50

MAC $ 2,108,158.42


Join a conference anyone? :D :D

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Guest SirJohn

:D :D :D Whoops! Dang a Rootie ND fans is today August 17, 2005 FOX NEWS and some "Sports expert" Daryl Richiards ' a sports expert dork' give his views on several teams. He closes on ND with


"Should Weis fail ND really has to take a look at itself and it's place in the college landscape."


Psst Daryl..You mean making more money then any conference member? Psst Daryl...you mean the above money for a 6 - 6 team is not up to a USC? Psst Daryl..Why does not Fox take a closer look at who reports "sports."

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Guest SirJohn

Joining a conference chatter seems to be in some wesites still for ND.


Again look at the money picture. OK cut the NBC money out per year and we are not on TV the seven times we will be in 2006.


There's still a plus difference of some $6,000,000 dollars a year to be made up somehow if it's the Big ten. Then too, quite a few of the Big ten are in Holy Heck with NCAA over graduation rules for athletes.


We have too many contracts going till about 2012 to join anything.


A last thought is all these media saying we have to consider our position as independent down the road.


I thought we sucked? I thought we sold out? I thought we were tarnished? How come you are urging us to do a conference and if we are as bad as you say why are these same conferences so eager to welcome us with open arms?

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Guest SirJohn

Champ.. Ahahahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Seriously. Ok your a sports writer for SI, USA Today, New York Times..name em. You cover over 117 division 1 football teams, Lord knows B Ball, base ball, then get into the pros there and you think you can advise ND what they shoud do? There's not enough braincells to process all of that.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

I don't see how they can still suggest we join a conference. It just doesn't make sense. We obviously make more money with the NBC contract, plus the fan base that is so enamored with our beloved school because we ARE independent and different from the rest. It will never make sense to join a conference. We get to play a diversified schedule while still keeping key rivalry games nationwide, literally from coast (Navy) to coast (USC). These guys need to stick to writing up "conference previews" for the WAC and Sunbelt and forget about trying to understand Notre Dame. You either get it or you don't.

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Guest SirJohn

In looking at this again I was wonderin why Texas, Tenn and Ohio State had more revenue then ND I do know OS seats what 100,000 to ND's 80,000 plus. I am not sure of Texas or Tenn stadium size or where they play.Nor price of tickets which would have to be factored in as well to get an honest list. If anyone knows please post it.

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Guest SirJohn

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NBC and Notre Dame have agreed to a new five-year agreement in which the network will televise all Irish home games through 2010.


Football Home









Brandon Nicolas Leaves Football Squad

Football Practice Report - Day 10


Football Practice Report - Day 10




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NBC and Notre Dame Extend Football Agreement Through 2010

NBC to continue televising all Irish home football games.


Dec. 18, 2003


Notre Dame, Ind. - The University of Notre Dame and NBC Sports announced today a new five-year agreement in which NBC will televise Irish home football games through 2010.


The extension provides NBC rights to Notre Dame home games from 2006 through 2010. Notre Dame will provide a minimum of six home games per season to NBC as part of the agreement.


The joint announcement was made by NBC Sports & Olympics chairman Dick Ebersol, NBC Sports president Ken Schanzer, Notre Dame president Rev. Edward A. Malloy, C.S.C., and Notre Dame director of athletics Kevin White.


"We are delighted to be continuing our landmark agreement with Notre Dame, which remains the most powerful brand in college sports," Ebersol said.


"We covet our association with Notre Dame because of its storied tradition, exceptional values and commitment to excellence, both on and off the field.


"With Tyrone Willingham, the football program is in the right hands. He embodies Notre Dame's core values, and his leadership, character and drive assure Notre Dame's return to its traditional place among the elite national powers.






"This new deal, as well as the previous deals dating back to 1990, are a tribute to the incredible relationship that Ken Schanzer has built with the entire Notre Dame community."


Father Malloy said that the partnership with NBC has been as valuable academically as athletically.


"While our partnership with NBC has been important to Irish athletics, it is the general student body that has been the greatest beneficiary," he said.


"From the very beginning, the majority of revenue generated through the contract with NBC has been directed toward the financial aid needs of our students. Now, thanks to this innovative collaboration, the dream of a Notre Dame education has been made a reality for hundreds of Notre Dame students who have received millions of dollars in scholarship support."


White added: "We're extremely pleased to augment what continues to be a very special relationship with NBC Sports. The ability to have our home football games telecast on a national basis becomes a tremendous vehicle for us in maintaining a national visibility and platform in terms of our football program's profile and recruiting.


"Since our games at Notre Dame Stadium are routinely sold out, this enables our fans and alumni all around the country to be able to watch our team play on Saturdays. In addition, the resources provided through the relationship have gone a long way toward supporting the mission of the University when it comes to financial aid."


Revenues from the NBC contract have played a key role in Notre Dame's financial aid endowment since the start of the relationship in 1991. University officers decided to use a portion of the football television contract revenue for undergraduate scholarship endowment (not athletic scholarships). There are 111 undergraduates at the University in 2003-04 receiving need-based scholarships averaging $17,600 from the endowment funded by revenue from the NBC contract. Since the inception of this particular endowed scholarship fund, 1,263 Notre Dame undergraduate students have received more than $12.6 million in aid.


The University also committed $5.5 million from the NBC revenues to endow doctoral fellowships in its Graduate School. Earnings from the endowment currently support graduate teaching fellows, a minority fellowship program and summer research fellowships. Nearly $4 million from the contract have been used to endow MBA scholarships in the Mendoza College of Business. Since 1994, some 50 MBA students have been supported through the NBC endowment. During the 2002-03 academic year, 11 students were designated as NBC fellows.


Overall, Notre Dame's football television contract revenues have been a key in a larger University effort that has seen annual scholarship aid increase tenfold, from $5.4 million in 1991 to $53.7 million in 2003-04. Football television contract revenue and many other University gifts and investments have resulted in undergraduate scholarship endowment growing from $88 million in 1988 to more than $727 million as of September 2003.


NBC has been televising Irish home games since 1991, and this marks the fourth of a series of five-year agreements with Notre Dame. The original agreement covered the 1991-95 seasons. The first five-year extension (announced in 1994) covered 1996-2000, and the second extension (announced in May '97) covered 2001-2005. By the conclusion of this latest extension, NBC will have televised Notre Dame home football games for 20 consecutive seasons. Each of the initial three pacts featured a combined 30 home games over each five-year span.


Among the teams slated to play at Notre Dame Stadium during 2006-2010 include Michigan (three times), Purdue (three times), USC (twice), Michigan State (twice), Penn State and UCLA.


NBC's schedule of Notre Dame home games in 2004 features dates against Michigan (Sept. 11), Washington (Sept. 25), Purdue (Oct. 2), Stanford (Oct. 9), Boston College (Oct. 23) and Pittsburgh (Nov. 13).



Irish Athletics Football



This is the official ND remarks concerning "Independence" and whatever per NBC. Locked in till 2010. I think it jumped an extra million a year tho and now it's 7 home games not 6 in 2006.


Unfortunately it mentions Monk and Ty. I did read Fox offered ND 12 million or so a year to dump NBC but many game would not be bradcast but on cable TV an cut viewership.

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Guest SirJohn

OK that's about all i can gater on arming all DD people with boobs saying we have to join a conference or die, die die. :lol:


I see benifits EVERYWHERE else but not for Notre Dame Fast track to the BCS with a conference? I really don't think the BCS will be around in 5 years if the NCAA has their way. Then too who is urging us? Usually someone not favorable publicity wise anyway. You know some guy in your neighborhood always going to trash you? Do you go to him for marital advice? Get real here. :lol:

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Guest Snatchy_McPants
"With Tyrone Willingham, the football program is in the right hands. He embodies Notre Dame's core values, and his leadership, character and drive assure Notre Dame's return to its traditional place among the elite national powers.



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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Nope, just another hack taking the 2% he thinks he knows about the situation and trying to spin it into a full-fledge feature article. I love the fact that I can read excellent journalism in the South Bend Tribune that absolutely runs circles around some of the sewage spewed out by the so-called "experts" from the big outfits.

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Guest SirJohn

Stewart Mandel over at SI is at it again, You have to wade through his interest in some TV show and chat about his girlfriend berfore reading about ND


The question is posed by an anti ND guy, as he terms ND's getting over their greed and joining a conference. Mandels response is interesting tho.

But I keep asking myself this question. Why is it that all these ND 'haters and "neurtal" sportswriters keep harping on joining a conference???????


If you don't like us what do you care about what we do?


If we did join will YOU be happy?




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