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If Not Charlie, Then Who???

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Let me preface this with the fact that I am a Weis supporter. He is making it difficult, but I support him. I can appreciate some of the comments that have been made about Weis not being a good head coach (too cocky).


So then I ask, who? All the people that want him gone, who replaces him? Don't say Meyer because it is not going to happen Weis goes to 2 BCS games, probably wins 9-10 games this season and if he gets fired, who wants that job?


No established coach takes it, especially if he is fired after a 9 win season. Will Kelly really leave Cincy for that? If he does he is crazy.


Kelly -- Cincy. I still think ND puts up 60 on Rutgers and whoever else they played today. Big East is terrible.

Tuberville -- could not get kids to come to Auburn let alone ND. Out recruited by Saban and Miles.

Mariucci -- been out of coaching for years, could just imagine ND fans' slams on that move.

Lou Holtz -- not gonna happen and don't think I'd want it to happen.

John Madden -- uhhh, next

John L. Smith -- I'll pass on this one too

Gruden -- If you knew he would take it, then maybe.

Johnson -- Bye Bye Clausen, Christ, Floyd, Tate, and any other skill guy that is not a RB. We would be horrible for two years until he got his guys, and then everyone would want him fired.

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Too premature to say. I will support the boys through the season and hopefully we win out and win the bowl. There's no telling whats going to happen down the road. Regardless, Kelly is someone to keep an eye out for as his coaching career continues IMO, and maybe someday down the line he may be an interesting choice to consider...maybe.

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You want to hire a guy that got fired from Auburn and another coach who can't get a job.


I'll keep Charlie if those are our pickings.


Should double check his resume then, because what he did in the SEC was pretty impressive. He has done more on the field than Weis has at the CFB level, its a fact.


I dont know how well he would do a ND, but he is a damn good coach . . .

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The Auburn Tigers were a perfect 13–0 in 2004 including the SEC title and a win over Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl. Tuberville received Coach of the Year awards from the AP, the American Football Coaches Association, the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association and the Walter Camp Football Foundation.


OK, I swingin' my vote - Tuberville it is.

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Charlie will get it done , just don't know what happened at half time? Seems the air was let out ? Of the irish game plan for the third qtr. :(


I have (and so far still am) a supporter of Chuck... but I am so tired of hearing and saying this.


This was supposed to be a game where we won because of Michigan mistakes... and we lost because of ND mistakes by both players and coaches

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If we're speaking in hypothetical terms, and we're actually in the need for a proven winner. Someone who could possibly recruit as well as Coach Holtz. A coach with history/ties to Notre Dame.


John Gruden

I am riding shotgun with Coach Weis. Realistically he is not going anywhere for now. A contractual fact more than any other reason. So while he is with us, then I will support him.

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