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Kerry Neal is Irish...

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Here is an article from August 2005 about him. Sounds like he jumped on board ASAP. His other offer was from Wake Forest.


Kerry Neal, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound athlete from Bunn, N.C., is disappointed by his team's 0-2 record early in the 2005 season.


"We are real young," Neal said. "We're making little mistakes like taking bad snaps, fumbling on the other team's 10-yard line and things like that. We're still motivated and we still have to come out and play."


While the Wildcats have gotten off to a slow start, Neal has done just the opposite when it comes to recruiting. Just a junior he is already receiving interest from schools like Penn State, North Carolina, East Carolina, Wake Forest and Notre Dame.


The Irish have definitely sparked his interest.


"The sent me a questionnaire and things like that," he said. "I like their program and they have a strong tradition."


This season Neal is playing defensive end, tight end and wide receiver but he feels that he's best suited to play a different position in college.


"I like playing defensive end because I get to hit people," he said. "I like catching and running with the ball too but I'd like to play strong safety in college."


Neal hasn't been timed in the 40-yard dash but he said he consistently outruns a teammate that has been clocked at 4.6 seconds. He bench presses 275 pounds and squats 380 pounds. While those numbers are impressive, Neal's believes his best attribute is his heart.


"I play hard every play," he said. "I come ready to play every night and I know what's happening on the field."


The future business major carries a 3.0 grade point average.

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It didn't take Bunn, N.C., defensive end Kerry Neal long to make a decision as to where he would be playing his college ball. According to Bunn head coach David Howle the decision was made this morning.


"Coach Weis called and said he watched his film at 5:30 this morning and he loved what he saw, and they offered him a scholarship," Howle said. "Kerry called Coach Weis at 10:30 this morning and committed to Notre Dame."


Coach Howle is expecting big things from neal in the future.


“He plays hard and has unlimited potential. He’s 6’3, about 220. He’ll probably get 235 after basketball season. He can play tight end, outside linebacker, and a lot of people like him as a DE. He may be a kid that’s 6’4, 6’5 250 pounds when he’s done. I don’t know how big he’s going to get. He’s got long arms, long legs.”


Weis watches tape before the coffee is made, makes an offer and the kid is in before lunchtime!!!???


Got to love Charlie. What a story....

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i thought last year, weis took some under the radar guys early because he had to build a class, but i think Charlie may just be smarter than everyone else, and from the film he can find something others cant...think about prince, very under the radar, but at the presser Weis made it sound like prince may be his and the staffs favorite guy because of all of his abilities...No Minter, this guy is mine, thats how well weis like what he saw from the 3 star back, I see Neal as the same thing, some talent weis sees and loves, that others may miss...He is just that good guys

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jk: I also think he's loves the guys w/ heart.....he loves a kid that pushes himself. It's so impressive that Charlie's looking at film, offers the kid, and gets a verbal......all before lunch. I'm floored by Coach, inbelievable. I agree, this kid seems similar to Prince.

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Notre Dame landed their first commitment of the 2007 recruiting season on Friday when defensive end prospect Kerry Neal accepted a full scholarship offer to play for the Irish.


The Irish have been looking for speed to add to their pass rush and Bunn high school defensive end Kerry Neal should fit the bill.


Neal (6-3, 225) received a surprise this morning and then he gave Charlie Weis a surprise a short time later


“He left a message on my coaches voice mail,” Neal said of Weis. “He said they wanted to offer me a full scholarship.


“Me and my coach called him back. He really did all the talking. He said he saw my film and that they were recruiting me. He said he knew a player when he saw a player. He said he was offering me a scholarship. I was speechless and then I said I accept. So I verbally committed."


Neal is sure he wants to be at Notre Dame, but he isn’t certain of where he’ll play.


“I play defensive end, linebacker and tight end, but they didn’t say where they wanted me to play. I doesn’t matter as long as I get on the field.


“It’s been a school that I’ve been a fan of since I was a little kid. I’ve never been to Notre Dame, but me and my coach are planning a trip right now."

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