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Tenuta vs. Frosh QBs

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I am still worried that we blitz one side and they run the other with the speedster and its a quick 6.

Then we blitz both sides!! ;)


Actually wouldn't be a bad idea every once in a while.

Drop the safeties in a bit for quick dumps or slants and drop Neal and Flemming into coverage.

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im more concerned about tenutas past vs d*ck rod


What have you found? I see GT lost to WV by 3 points in their bowl game: not too bad. I believe Dick-Rod had Pat White as a soph that year, with Slaton (not sure his year). I only went back as far as '02. Can't say he did all that bad last year. Only, I'm not sure how much of the D was his last year. I know he didn't make the calls. But, as others have mentioned I hope his aggressiveness doesn't hurt ND.

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wow, if the line is really ND by 3 i would have to consider throwing down on that...

Hell, I said pull all of your money out of your pension plans in an earlier post for 4 and a half points.


For 3 points you should also take all of the cash value out of your life policies and dump any stocks or mutual fund accounts you might have as well.


Where the hell else are you going to get 100% on your money!!!

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Where the H**l are you guys getting 3 points? I personally put Vagas odds up in ANNOUNCEMENTS so that DD members had a ready and easy to use source for each game.


It WAS 4.5 but is 5.5 as I type this.


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Tenuta's record against frosh QB's is encouraging, but I don't think it's too applicable, simply because I think this is going to be run first offense from Michigan. Confusing the QB won't hurt it as much. I hope to God Rich Rod is a moron and throws on a couple first downs, cause our front 7 is going to struggle. I am scared of this game.


Also, it's usually not a good idea to bet with your heart or in rivalry games. That being said, we do know more about ND than ur average gambler, but our knowledge is skewed by our bias (e.g. our d line is extremely talented so it doesn't matter that 3 of the contributors never played before, 1 is actually an LB,...and another is John Ryan).


That being said, I made a lot of money betting on ND to cover against Washington last year. That was just obvious. The rest of the world has no idea how bad Tyrone really is.

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