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EA Sports College Football 2010

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I'll be picking it up this weekend. From what I've heard not much has changed with it which sucks cuz if I play the computer,its got some glitches. I can play with ND on heisman and destroy any team. Too many unstoppable plays in spread formation.

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I saw the roster for ND. It's a joke, esp on defence. Some parts are OK. Clausen's 90, Allen's 90, Tate is a 93, Floyd a 90, Rudolph a 90, and Young a 95. Bruton's still on the team. So's Crum. No Harrison Smith and they also left out Ethan Johnson. The best DE is 78, and that's Justin Brown (who apparently came back for his little used 6th year). EA won't be crying losing my money, but I'm not going to waste my cash. People joke about the Madden games being "Roster Update 07", "Roster Update 08", "Roster Update 09", but at least those roster updates are accurate!







Really? Crist and Montana are just as good? Crist was a 5 star coming out of HS, Montana was a backup.










(Side note, Grimes is still in the game, and Goodman is not)













Really, Stewart to points behind Wenger?




















Brian Smith 71? That's scrub territory.












Walls a 77, while NFL draft pick Bruton below almost everybody else. Wow.



B. Walker-81


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If anyone downloads the patch, do you mind updating us on the changes? I'm debating getting the game still but won't waste my money if graduated seniors are still on it and the ratings are so bad.


Xbox hardware fried about a week ago so fixing it will cost $100 plus the $60 for the game. No way I pay that to have Bruton and Crum still in the game, Brian Smith rated so poorly, and a DLine that Ball State could probably rush through.

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Link's not working. Could you give me the gist of it?


I'm not picking this game up unless I can get a better roster.

You have to go to the Locker to download it, but enter the following depending on your system:


PS3 - eascncaa10

Xbox 360 - EASCNCAA10



They also say that they are working on getting an actual patch out ASAP that will have the fixes, but these SHOULD get you by for now.

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If I was putting together the roster, it would be as following:



Clausen - 91

Crist - 85


Allen - 89

Hughes - 87

Aldridge - 85

Gray - 86


Rudolph - 89

Ragone - 83


Tate - 94

Floyd - 90

Kamara - 84


Young - 92

Olsen - 90

Stewart - 88

Wenger - 84

Robinson - 88

Duncan - 86

Romine - 84



Johnson - 88

Moore - 85

I. Williams - 87

H. Williams - 83


Neal - 86

Flemming - 88

Filer - 84

B. Smith - 90

Teo - 84


Walls - 92

McNeil - 89

Blanton - 89

McCarthy - 88

H. Smith - 89

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Guest BobbyC

SDIrish, i like it, but i really do like the looks of RJ Blanton and might consider him for 90 status...


just my 2 cents, i still have the antique, '07, which has us as a B+ team even though we ended up at 3-9. however, i have told myself that I will not buy a new version until we are ranked in the top 10 again. just my own personal vow.

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Too bad they don't ask me to put together the rosters huh?




Well, the good news is that they have beefed up the rosters. It looks much better. Ethan Johnson isn't in, but you can edit the rosters, which is what I have done. For the most part, it looks good. H Smith is in place, Cierre is in, Filer is the starting OLB, along with Teo and Smith in the middle. Walls is better, but not dominant (which is fair). O line looks good.


Anyhow, there's patch incoming soon, which should fix the other glitches. They may have rescued what could have been a disaster.

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Guest Tate4Heisman

I've heard the game is absolutely horrible. It's supposedly exactly the same as last year's game, with the same complaints (no pass rush, passing too easy, etc.). And that Notre Dame roster is ridiculous.

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I still have an XBox (regular) and I only play it when I am very very bored or the wife wants to sell it at a garage sale. But jeez have you seen this link? These kids (and I hope these are kids) are getting furious! And we all wonder why America's youth is over-weight! Back when I played RBI on Nintendo... I didn't want to go to Japan and blow up the company because I couldn't hit Bret Saberhagan's side arm curve! I would love to sneak into this kids' homes, steal their PS3s and XBOX360s and run down the street to make them run after me! Kickball anyone?

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I had a gift card so I went and got the game last night. The offensive roster isn't too bad. The recievers and running backs are rated pretty high and they have shaq evans. The defensive roster is pretty dissapointing. They don't have Ethan Johnson, Filer, Harrison Smith, Walls is the lowest rated DB, B Smith is only an 80. Those are the big ommissions but there are more and they have some guys whose numbers don't mesh with the real roster. They do have Teo and he's rated an 84.


Gameplay is similar to previous versions. There are two new things I noticed that are cool. The WRs and DBs actually turn their heads with the ball in the air. Also, the QB can still throw while getting hit but its usually a floater.


I bought the game for the new roster. They got the skill players pretty accurately but the lines and LBs are not even close.

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