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The All-Irish Team

Guest Tate4Heisman

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Guest Tate4Heisman

If you were to assemble the perfect team of Notre Dame greats, what would your depth chart look like? Time to have some fun.


QB - Brady Quinn

RB - Reggie Brooks

FB - Marc Edwards

WR - Tim Brown

WR - Jim Seymour

WR - Jeff Samardzija

TE - Anthony Fasano

OL - Jeff Faine

OL - Jeff Faine

OL - Jeff Faine

OL - Jeff Faine

OL - Jeff Faine

DE - Justin Tuck

DE - ?

DT - Chris Zorich

DT - Bryant Young

LB - Michael Stonebreaker

LB - ?

LB - ?

CB - Shane Walton

CB - Todd Lyght

S - Bobby Taylor

S - Glenn Earl

K - Reggie Ho

P - Hunter Smith

KR/PR - Raghib "Rocket" Ismail


Future player: Michael Floyd


Note: I couldn't choose between Samardzija and Seymour...so I added an extra spot on the depth chart.

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Good topic Tate !!!..


Would love to spend a little time But.. for now switch TE Fasono, For Bavaro, or Derek Brown... And QB is tough but I will take Joe or Rice over Brady..


As for LB instead of ??? I will take DuBose...

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at DE i think you should add-- ALAN PAGE-- all american-- national championship--purple people eaters at minnisota-- NFL hall of fame----supreme court judge that just sent the funny man franken to washington---- quite a player--quite a guy--- his nickname was " the claw" for his giant hands that would bring down QBS--- after every sack the stadium would jump up -- extend an arm in the air with a claw shaped hand-- AND GROWL---pretty kewl stuff

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Here is mine:

QB: Joe Montana

HB: Paul Hornung

FB: Jerome Bettis (credit Irishkid on this)

WR: Tim Brown

WR: Jeff Samardzija

WR: Rocket

TE: Mark Bavaro (tough one but I love his toughness)

OL: Aaron Talyor (I agree wtih Macdougal on this)

OL: Tim Grunhard

OL: Jeff Faine

OL: Paul Seiler

OL: George Kunz

DL: Alan Page (credit Hawaii on this one)

DL: Ross Browner (Credit Coaster on this one)

DL: Leon Hart (Credit Coaster on this one)

DL: Chris Zorich

LB: Micheal Stonebreaker

LB: Ned Bolcar

LB: Bob Crable

DB: Bobby Taylor

DB: Todd Lyght

DB: Dave Duerson

DB: Jeff Burris

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QB - Johnny Lujack or Joe Theismann

HB - George Gipp

FB - Jerome Bettis

WR - Tim Brown

WR - Rocket Ismail / Tom Gatewood (caught 70 passes and played 3 less games than Samardzija)

TE - Ken McAfee or Dave Casper

OL - Aaron Taylor

OL - George Connor

OL - Jeff Faine

OL - Andy Heck

OL - Tim Grunhard


DL - Alan Page

DL - Leon Hart

DL - Ross Browner

DL - Chris Zorich

LB - Bob Golic

LB - Jim Lynch

LB - George Connor

DB - Todd Lyght

DB - Luther Bradley

DB - Jeff Burris

DB - Mike Townsend

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if i got to assemble a ND team to play with i'd go with this. yes i took randy moss, he signed with ND so im counting him as a player (i hope thats legal). The big reason i took BQ as my QB was because i think he's probbly the best leader even though JC's skills of a passer are much better. also i had a hard time picking a DE opposite JT. it came down to either bert berry, frank stams or devon mcdonald. not sure why i picked BB but i just can't get his '96 season out of my head.


QB - Brady Quinn

RB - Ricky Watters

FB - Marc Edwards

WR - Derrick Mays

WR - Randy Moss

TE - Mark Bavaro

OT - Aaron Taylor

OG - Ryan Leahy

OC - Tim Grunhard

OG - Dusty Zeigler

OT - Mike Rosenthal


DE - Justin Tuck

DT - Oliver Gibson

DT - Bryant Young

DE - Bert Berry

LB - Demetrius Debose

LB - Kinnon Tatum

LB - Anthony Denman

CB - Bobby Taylor

CB - Todd Lyght

S - Jeff Burris

S - Tom Carter


KR - Allen Rossum

KR - Raghib Ismail

PR - Joey Getherall

P - Hunter Smith

K - Craig Hentrich

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Why would anyone switch Montana for Quinn? Quinn's stats in college are light years better than Montana


This does not have anything to do with stats IMO. Sure Quinn took almost every passing stat there is in ND but did you ever see Quinn actually pick up that huge win? Montana led how many great comebacks and not to mention destroyed USC and Texas in the 77 national championship year.

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Holy cow talk about a difficult discussion. I can't even begin to classify who's the best at any position at Notre Dame. There are just way too many great players who've gone to school here and trying to sort out who was better than who could take a lifetime or at least my lifetime lol. Its a really tough problem that we have here, not, and I suppose 99% of other schools would love to have had just a fraction of the talent and great players we've been blessed with all these years. To be honest its like trying to decide between your children and which one you love more, it can't be done. I started trying to make my own list off the top of my head, then started looking through other resources and realized that I'd forgotten so many greats who deserve just as much recognition if not more than my original picks. In the end I'll resign myself to the fact that our all time greatest team, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th could easily surpass the ability and achievements of most other schools and theirs.

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