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should be 11-1 at least

Guest irishrick

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Guest irishrick

with the following schedule 2009

Sep. 5 Nevada

Sep. 12 at Michigan

Sep. 19 Michigan St.

Sep. 26 at Purdue

Oct. 3 Washington

Oct. 17 USC

Oct. 24 Boston College

Oct. 31 Washington St. (San Antonio)

Nov. 7 Navy

Nov. 14 at Pittsburgh

Nov. 21 Connecticut

Nov. 28 at Stanford


the only tough game will be with usc and Boston college and they are both win-able, looks like the Irish should be in the top 5 teams even with one loss. iam looking at a 11-1 season for the Irish . Spring practice has been fantastic , a whole new attack plan for the Irish. cant' wait til sep5 th . go irish

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i think rick has his hand on the pulse of this team---- we are going to be very very good--- football is a funny game-- the perverbial " game of inches"-- so even with so much looking UP for this team-- won loss records are difficult to predict--- IMO anything from 8 and 4 to 12 and 0 is possible from this team and it's favorable schedule---that said , unless the ball completely bounces the wrong way for us- i dont expect 4 losses---- i think 10 and 2 and an at large BCS bid is not overly optimistic---- as far as rick's 11 and 1 goes--sounds good to me!!

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I think our schedule is tougher than what some say, but I honestly feel like with having USC at home, and the abundance of new starting qbs for our opposition, I think this season is set up for us to make a run at a NC better than 2010. I too think anything less than 11-1 would be a disappointment, but it wouldn't be disasterous if we were 10-2 with a bcs game

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Did you know three games ago we lost to Syracuse at home on Senior Day?


Thats what i keep thinking... And two games ago we got curb stomped by sc... lost to unc, barely beat sdsu etc. etc etc. I need to see some good games before i hand ND the NC.... I could see us losing 3 easily.

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I see the Syracuse game as the yin to the hawaii games yang--- the two are IMO inseperable in defining what will be this years success, and both were critically important in molding the character of the 2009 fighting irish!


Against syracuse the team was far more then flat-- they were complacent, unmotivated, lacadasical, --- they were already disappointed with their season and IMO had given up on their season and lost all the fire a college team needs to win-- the coaching staff was worse-- confused, ambivelent, unprepared-- THIS WAS TRULY A LOW WATER MARK FOR THE IRISH PROGRAM-- it was then understandable that what could be a high powered offense cound't even get a first down against the talented SC defense!


Pelted off the field with snowballs-- the coach ridiculed , embarrassed, and truly LUCKY to barely hold on to his job --the players were seen as underacheivers and slackers-- ( GOLDENS QUOTE DURING SYRACUSE WAS BOTH TRAGIC AND CATHARTIC )---setting up the blow out once again in sorry fashion in southern california.


As a part of the ND family for longer then many who post here-- i can say with all honesty that only the sad sight of a fired gerry faust on the loosing end of a 55 to crap loss in the orange bowl ,can even compare with the end of the year disgrace by the 08 IRISH !


What happened next will set the stage for one of the strongest turnarounds in ND history-- the team should have by all rights , folded up and dissolved into their own mess-- instead they licked their wounds and rallied around their coach-, their QB and their teammates--- they ended the worst bowl loss streak in a fashion few could have expected!--- the golden arm of jimmy clausen was a thing of beauty-- and the fire and want to the whole team showed was IMO a true show of character , and the reason we recruit such high quality people into the ND program---and golden tate , the man who lost interest against syracuse looked like the rocket had come to play instead!


Charlie finally made the changes he needed as well, albeit a year late-- the team grew by leaps and bounds as players, but more importantly as people and teammates---the syracuse game was a low water mark and a true fiasco we all have to live with-- but i truly believe-- THIS TEAM WILL NEVER LET THAT FEELING GET THEM AGAIN__ and charlie learned some very big lessons---- every player , every game in 09 will have a battle cry rooted into their subconscious and it wont be - remember the maine - or remember the alamo-- it will be remember the orangemen---WHEN THE STORY OF OUR 09 SEASON IS WRITTEN-- AND THE GLORY IS OURS ONCE AGAIN AS IT WAS WRITTEN IT SHOULD BE__ we can all give a bit of the credit to the spunky players of ORANGE who lit the fuse!!

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Guest irishrick

To be totally honest with the changes we have made n the coaching staff,good recruiting classes, Charlie getting the point up or out, and another years experience , there is no doubt that we should go 11-1 without a doubt, the only thing that might hurt us if JC gets hurt, and even then with crist on board i don't see any drop off, Iam counting SC as a win . no weis crackers just good reasoning . Nevada, will be a tough game but the irish will prevail/count on it :p:p

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That never happened and don't you ever mention it again.....:-o


Anything less than 8-4 and Weis-Crispies is Toast! :-)


I hope we win 10 games so we don't have to deal with any more "hot seat" bull $hit. 8-4 just won't cut it this year. I think 9-3 and the program will have to go through another Weis may or may not be around next year. I just don't want to have to deal with anymore, "this is the year or else".... Just win 10 figgen games!

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I hope we win 10 games so we don't have to deal with any more "hot seat" bull $hit. 8-4 just won't cut it this year. I think 9-3 and the program will have to go through another Weis may or may not be around next year. I just don't want to have to deal with anymore, "this is the year or else".... Just win 10 figgen games!


Fo sho DJ!


Double digit win season, not including the bowl game, is mandatory!!!

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All we have to do is beat the teams on our schedule. We don't play Florida, LSU,

Alabama, or teams with cat quick defenses other then USC. I have been guaging college

teams for 40 years and seldom do you see one that will improve in so many areas such

as the Irish of 09. I heard our running back coach mention mis-direction and I came

unglued. We have had such a plain vanilla running attack that it has put extreme

pressure on our offensive line. Watch how the rest of the country runs with counters,

running quarterbacks, reads 7 yards deep, and lots of misdirection. When Golden Tate

took a reverse for 22 yards I was hoping to see more creativity, but we resorted back

to the same boring simple minded running attack. With that said, I think we will improve

dramatically from a coaching standpoint and the personnel on both sides of the ball is

off the charts.


You must respect the deep ball against the Irish. A one play drive gives us less chance

of making a drive stopping mistake. Rudolph will be a super star this year and can haul

in the deep ball. Floyd should improve dramatically. Remember the improvement Tate

made from his first year? Charlie never had this many toys to play with, not even at

New England. The offense improves substantially but the defense mirrors the upgrade.


Quite honestly the only way to look at this year is a TITLE RUN. We may lose a couple

but let's take it one game at a time and know we could be in the national championship

game with a little luck, Jimmy stays healthy and the refs don't screw us as they have

in the past. New poster here with a large contingent of buds in Oklahoma Sooner land

that root for the Irish and gather at my house. We sing the fight song, do the Irish jig,

drink what we call horse beer, throw the football at half time and make the OU sooners

very jealous.....GO IRISH!!!

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Guest irishrick

welcome oklahomairish, good post, this will be a title run year, and what a turnaround , were going to be a very good team this year . go Irish , again welcome to DD. :p:p;)

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Nevada, Michigan, Michigan State, USC, Boston College, Navy, Pittsburgh, and Stanford -- none of these are gimmes.


Although USC fans might disagree.


How many out there are willing to draw a line in the sand, and repeat after me: "if we don't go at least 11-2, with the bowl game, it's time for a real change?"


I was going to write 10-3, but, really, how much time do we need here? And this is the last post I write in this vain until the evening of September 19th.

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