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does ND have any real chance here? from what i've read lately i don't get a good feeling about him coming to ND.
YES!!! Most seem to think it's going to come down to ND and tOSU. He might not be a rivals 100 at this time but if you ask me, I only think there are 4 or 5 better WR's in the class.
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Took his UGA visit this weekend. Said he thought about committing on the spot, but didn't. He will be cutting his list down to five this week and he is pushing his commitment to an earlier date (previously said he would commit on his B-day mid July).


We're really going to have to hit it out of the park at the spring game. I think we still have a shot, but I'm less certain than I was on Friday.

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agreed, i read 2 articles and you can tell he likes n respects the Georgia coaches, but it almost sounds like he was happy that Georgia was finally showing him the love after offering. I think it's too early to tell, but hopefully him moving up his decision date after his Georgia visit isnt related. I think it comes down to GA & ND and the trip to the B&G gm puts us over the top.

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