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Odighizuwa names his top 5

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Kiffen and Sark are killing the Carroll coaching tree before it even begins.


idk about that. tennessee has got to have some pretty good athletes. let Monty Kiffin take over that D and they should be pretty good. definately not goign to get fired next year because of their on field performance.

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Guest Irish1587

Lane Kiffin is going to have a bigger effect than we all think. Is it my imagination or have we been picking the Tennesse area quite well the last couple years. Im saying hell stop this but we will sure have to work harder on them. Say what you want the guy about his personality but he is a damn hard recruter.

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does he know ethan johnson at all?


Oh yeah, he does... I heard EJ's bro say that Ethan is in his ear.... Their schools in Portland are only a few miles apart.. I think it is huge that Oregon is not in the top 5... Oregon st. has no shot IMO..


He Is All Irish !!!!!:shock:

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