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Countdown to NSD (February 4th)


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17 Commits

1) Jake Golic

2) Cierre Wood

3) Tyler Stockton

4) Ben Turk

5) Nick Tausch

6) Chris Watt

7) Alex Bullard

8] Zach Martin

9) Zeke Motta

10) EJ Banks

11) Carlo Calabrese

12) Theo Riddick

13) Dan Fox

14) Shaq Evans

15) Jordan Cowart

16) Tyler Eifert

17) Nyshier Oliver


Who's left on the board?

LB - Manti Teo: ND is in his top 3 with USC & UCLA


S - Jawanza Starling: ND is in his top 6 (recently said ND was his best visit yet & loved Corwin) -- Georgia & FSU are believed to be his top 2


S - Byron Moore: ND is in his top 2 (ND leading after his SC decommittment) -- LSU is his other fav


FB - Tyler Gaffney: ND is in his top 3 with SC & Stanford (Stanford looks to be the favorite)


LB - Jelani Jenkins: ND is in his top 5 (two pony race with Florida leading) -- PSU is his other leader

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Februrary 4th is my birthday so hopefully I get 5 presents and they are:


Manti Te'o- "man amongst boys"

Jelani Jenkins-"speed, speed, and even more speed"

Jawanza Starling-"hits pretty damn hard"

Byron Moore, Jr="nothing's better than stealin' one from petey"

Tyler Gaffney-"a fullback we could use"


Come on, I'm praying and I'm optimistic as well.

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IMO as of today---Bye Bye to Oliver!-- ALOHA TO TEO AND MOORE____18 commits-8 offense--7 defense--3 ST---that would be small but sweet!



Doesn't Aloha go both ways? is it Aloha "Hi" or Aloha "Bye"... :-P

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