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Malcolm Bush

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Malcolm Bush-- 3 star TE -- decommit from rutgers according to scout has sent his film to ND in an attempt to get an offer-- with yeatman gone maybe another TE would be good if he can qualify-- north carolina- pitt- cincy all offered him-- another NJ guy- who knows-- im still poking around trying to drum up another commit or 2 as unlikely as that might be

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The Kevin Washingtons and Scott Smiths of the world sometimes become the Mark Herzlichs and Scott McKillops of the world. The coaching staff may not have done a lot right the last two years, but they have recruited well. If they offer a guy, then I think the staff will have done their homework. Remember when Brian Smith got a late offer? Star ranking is not irrelevant, but it's not everything.

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I'm tired of offering the Paddy Mullen's, Kevin Washington's, Scott Smith's on defense that aren't athletic and don't make plays. Save the scholly...


The size this kid has along with a really nice forty time tells me that he is none of those 3 players.


Kids like this become stars all the time at other schools.

It's the upside factor that is so appealing, and this kid's got it!

He could easily be a big backer or D end.


Don't be turned off just because he has 3 stars either.

He may not be the "football" smartest kid in the world, but he may be just what we need.

We have had too many thinkers on the field lately anyhow.

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Hey Guys, lets keep it clean and keep the discussion focused on Bush and only Bush. Like if Bush were yours, where would you play Bush, perhaps on the outside before moving inside? Though I can never state enough that often a good offense is the best defense so we may really want to have a Bush attacking.


Then there is Bush on the offensive side, and I am only going to say this once but I truly stand by these words. I see don't see Bush as a TE but playing immediately next to the TE position...




mea culpa and as you can see by my post count, I am a sophomore so apologies for this sophomoric addition. : )

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