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Tate or Floyd?

If you were starting a football program, Tate or Floyd?  

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  1. 1. If you were starting a football program, Tate or Floyd?

    • Golden Tate
    • Michael Floyd

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Guest irishrick

Krazy i agree but i would have to take them both , dwayn crist most likely would be my first choice, as ive studied his mechanics and he is going to be the qb at notre dame , if jimmy falters again . Go irish what say you .

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Floyd no question. Tate has extremely strong hands and has improved his route running. Floyd has it all though, doesn't 'wow' you with his 40 time, but he has great football speed. Great body control going up for the catch and always positions himself well. He's a true freshmen so obviously he's not at his best physical capability, which is scary.

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I really don't think this is a fair question. Floyd is in a whole different league that Tate. I love Tate, but he is not a receiver yet. He is learning, and right now is just a fast guy with amazing hands. Floyd is the complete package.



Now, if you had asked Floyd or Timmy.....or Floyd or Rocket :-)

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