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does anyone really wanna keep charlie?

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I was fully behind him up to the 'Cuse debacle. Then I said up to tonight, 1 more year. But tonight they no matter what the score is have to come out hard and play with pride...


But tonights stats - (yes MINUS!!!!!!!!!!) 4 yards rushing...21 yards passing...no first downs...is an atrocity.


Even Stanford scored 24 points on these guys.



He has to go. If guys transfers or we lose recruits...its to bad. We have some talent here...and we need to get it going again right away. No use waiting anymore...


The final icing on the cake was the thug Lendale White on national tv mocking us...we have become a laughingstock again.

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Guest brady112106

Honestly, I've been on the fence since last week's shocking loss. I don't care what happens with the coaching situation as long as there's more wins next year. We need to see a competitive football team. Whether that be new assistants or a whole new staff.

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Yes, Charlie needs to go. The AD said every sport is evaluated at the end of the season, and now he needs to stick to that. It's clear to see that this is a football team that is moving backward where it matters...WINNING.


And, for the record, I have never been as disgusted with ND Football as I am tonight. When I heard that after ND & USC had mixed things up before the game, and then Weis was quoted saying, "See, we still have some fight left in us.", I nearly puked.


Charlie, if you read this board, listen up. You need to bring the fight DURING the game.

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One of the talking heads on ESPN said it best: "he's lost the team."




The hole is so deep the only way out of it is to bring a new coach in. When Tate says there is no emotion and he was just kinda "eh" during the Syracuse game, that's code for "Weis needs to go."


Putting it like that...there shouldn't even be a discussion.

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Pete is class up 28 pts still throwing to end zone, oh USC just scored on the next pass.


I wish we'd do that instead of throwing away games with the lead. Just looking at the poodle makes me want to chop my head off and piss on it, but I'd rather have a coach who has a clue.

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