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prayers appreciated

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My father will be undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his lymph node in his neck.


Prayers are very much appreciated. Any donation or contribution would be appreciated. We'll be having chinese auctions and silent auctions, so anything and everything is appreciated.


you can email me at chadzearfoss@yahoo.com


When praying or if you put his name on your church's prayer list, my dad's name is Charles Zearfoss, but is known all over as Ziggy. My family appreciates everything, and I'm glad I have a place to turn to when I need to get my mind off of things. Thanks everyone.



Here's an email that's been sent out regarding my dad from one of his friends.


As many of you know, Ziggy has a cancerous tumor on the lymph node in his neck. He is getting it removed on Tuesday. Please keep Ziggy and his family in your prayers.


Ziggy’s recovery will be tough. He will be bed ridden and have a trach installed so he can breathe. He will be fed by a feeding tube. When he is strong enough, he will start a strong cycle of radiation and chemo. Ziggy’s family will be under a huge financial burden. He will not get much from disability because he works mainly on tips. In addition, there is a lot Kathy’s insurance doesn’t cover.


We all know the person that Ziggy is. There are few people that have donated so much of themselves to coaching (Cyclones, Ponytail, Football, Little League, Basketball etc). Its our time to give back. Here is what we have planned and what we need to get donated. I will be making donation letters today if anyone feels they can get something donated. If not, just come out and have a good time with us in support of Ziggy. Every dollar counts.



The event is at Pine Grove Fire hall on Saturday Oct 4th at 5pm and it will go till 9pm. The cost of the tickets are $30 per person. There will be beer, wine, set ups, dinner and either a DJ or a combination of a DJ/band. There will be a large Chinese auction and a silent auction.



Following this event, there will be an after party at Capps Saloon on Jersey Ave. There will be a few live bands, cash bar, free food. There will be a $15 cover charge to get in but if you go to the main event, you will get in free. We will give you a wrist band at the fire hall to get into Capps. Sal is making a donation on every bottle of beer sold at Capps from 9 till closing.


I will have tickets in a few days. We are only selling 350 so don’t wait. We need donations of food, kegs of beer, money, auction items, silent auction items, baskets, 50/50 tickets, paper products, table clothes, bottles of booze for basket of cheer, wine.


Please email Theresa Harris or Cindy Dolson if you get anything donated for the auctions or door prizes( tharris@pemb.org or cindy_dolson@yahoo.com ). We will have larger ticket items in a separate auction and a silent auction for big money stuff.



Sal from Caps is working on a bank account at commerce, a website and the ability to accept credit cards for the auction.



Please forward this to anyone that knows Ziggy that you think would like to come.

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Guest SirJohn

Prayers sent Ziggy, I wish I could attend. Please keep us up to date on all of this. DD loves you and is behind you and your Dad.

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Guest Shamrock83

Zig... My dad went through surgery on his colon two years ago to remove cancer and is now 100% recovered. I know how stressed you must feel. Prayers to your family. Stay positive, especially for him.

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Thanks everyone it's very much appreciated. I figured I could get a few more prayers for him if I posted. My dad is just one of those guys that everyone loves when they meet him, and I'm very appreciative for every day I have with him. I know he's in good hands (they say his surgeon is the best for throat/neck cancer), so with much patience and faith, he should be as good as new in 6 months.

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Guest sully179


You're family is in prayers. Ironically enough, my father had a benign tumor in the lymph nodes in his neck and he turned out fine. God Bless.

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