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Zach Martin - ND commit

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Over on scout when you bring Martins bio up it show that we haven't even offered a schollie yet..Weird even thou we offered..Scouts needs to really update there site..:twisted:


Its not even IE's fault. Their national database is notoriously awful at getting information up to date and accurate. I remember when Kapron Lewis Moore was "High" on Colorado and A&M - ended up going to ND. Its just one of countless stories like that.


Absolutely crucial pickup IMO. One was the bare minimum we needed, and in light of striking out on Schofield, Shrive, Su'a Filo, and Lowe, we needed this guy in the worst way. Now we can breathe a little easier, and hope to keep working on Nixon and Ward even (two OT recruits in two years warrants plenty of attention for this class IMO).

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Fabulous news - this seems to be a surprise as most of the talk had him going to UM or UK. Again though - getting them on campus is the key. It seems as though this was the difference maker last weekend.

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Glad Zach is aboard and it is confirmed. Kind of surprised as I thought Koehne was the big target and he does have Notre Dame listed. Surprised Martin is rated #27 to Koehne's #37 ranking at OT. Should take both of them! The way we have purged players the last few years is kind of shocking.

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