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Travels with Charlie

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

No, not the John Steinbeck novel of zipping across the country in an RV with his dog Charlie.


Total is sixteen of the states in the Union.


Currently Irish recruits hale from GA 2, NCX 1 IN 3, IL 3, PA 2. NY 1, MA 1, NV 1, KY 1, FL 2, MO 2, OH 3, CA 2, TX 1, AR 1, OK 1.


Allowing myself to split up the USA in what I consider regions..... that's West 5...South 6....Mid West 10...East Coast 7


Coming as a blow to the Florida Chamber of Commerce I ripped Fla out of the South and included them on the East Coast. ACC in there now.)


Hopefully we won't be reading any moning in media that Notre Dame is neglecting our area in recruiting. Coach Weis did say, We will go anywhere and look at any kid.

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Guest SirJohn

From SI Truth and Rumors: (Nice Pix of Weis yelling)


First-year coach Charlie Weis, Super Bowl ring on his hand, has pushed the Irish's aggression and aspirations on the recruiting trail to heights not seen since Lou Holtz left after the 1996 season. The consequences for Ohio State go beyond the Jan. 2 matchup in the Fiesta Bowl. Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said Ohio State and Notre Dame didn't go head-to-head on many recruits this season. But down the road, Ohio State's efforts to lock down the state's best players just got more difficult.

-- Cleveland Plain Dealer

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