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Konrad Reuland sets announcement date

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DO ME A FAVOR. WHEN I HAVE A SOURCE ON THINGS PLEASE BE SURE TO LEAVE THAT HERE, ON THIS BOARD. Only for things that I have a source on, please leave those here. I appreciate it. I sure don't want to lose my source for making some inside info too public.

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Guest SirJohn

We all good. :)


Like i said I wish there was not this Mustain-Jones mess but things are wrapping up. One thing I have repeatedly noticed about Weis is he keeps to a schedule of sorts. If he said wrap it all up, recruiting, by the second week of December and he means it.


Wether he will wait for this Army game January seventh is another thing? I do think we can say these 2007 kids better climb on early and there will be no more January for Notre Dame.


Once in the fold we can start to study and predict from more media. I really am astounded by the deep interst 2005. I'm not going to get into Ty or Davie's recruiting episodes. Simply that this year readers care more and are involved now. It did used to be simply happy a guy was 6' 4" 250. Now it's footwork, he can play tight end or Ol, he can be a guard or a tackle plus play center. Multiple positions and Weis plug and play.


Goord lord forbid but I can recall if one of our players went down everyone worried and we were toast the next game. There is almost no worry now about that. Somebody does step up and we sure had some somebodys this year


Which soon does bring us and our hard working recruiters here to all these 2007 guys. Ther's a whole new bunch to weigh as to ability.

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Broker your the man! I was waiting to hear that Reuland has set the date! Im off work tomorrow so ill be sitting around all day waiting! hahaha. I have a strong feeling to that he will indeed be Irish tomorrow also. As far as Sir John im throwin props to you bro for listing me as one of your main guys for info on the recruiting board. I try hard to make sure im up to date on everything. I have some pretty good sources at and around Notre Dame that keep me posted on alot but Broker must know these kids parents cause my man gets INSIDE info. ahahahaha. Broker you are my guru!!!

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