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Jonas Gray Diary


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Guest chitownirish121

I really like his confidence, if he does anything like he is expecting out of himself and ND, we are gonna be amazing at running back!! I am looking forward to see how he performs Jan 5th

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I definately think that if ur an OL and u can dominate in one on ones, your special. OL play is definately a team thing, it takes all 5 to be good. Especially at this level, alot of DL players are smaller and quicker, which is a VERY difficult matchup for HS OL. So, I'm not that surprised to seem some of our OL recruits getting beat, it is to be expected. Another reason why I hate to see Freshmen and Soph. OL at ND. There is so much to that position that i want guys to be in the system for 2 or 3 years before they start.

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Guest mpstunner11

His new diary is great. Seems to think that we will get both Robinson and Walker, altho right now I would say that Robinson is probably the sure bet while Walker (who isn't at the AA game) might be a little bit tougher to read. He also talks about the Omar situation and I think he definitely says the right things. He certainly seems like a classy individual and I am definitely glad he is coming to notre dame.

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How do you access Jonas' diary from the Rivals website? Can you read all of it without a subscription?


Go to their AAA game coverage page, there is a list of all the features. I have been able to read all of his entries and I'm not a member. A lot of their content is free this year.

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