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take one recruit this year that is not committed to nd who would it be? i would take marcus forston. the boards are dead so i thought i would throw it out there.


If we lose Omar, i would agree. If we keep Omar, i would go someone else. That someone else would be maybe Arthur Brown or maybe Darrel Scott cuz I think he is the real deal. Ok, so that was two, so sue me.

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I'm between Tyron Smith, Julio Jones and Terrelle Pryor. 1st two would be better fits in this class, but the last one is simply a freak. No knock on Dayne, but dual threat QB's are having their way in college football right now (Vince Young, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow), and Pryor is some kind of athlete.

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Any votes for Sabino? That guy is a tackling machine. Still not exactly sure what happened there...he might be the only guy I've heard of recently that we actually got on campus and he wasn't impressed at all.


How about Nick Perry? Unbelievable statistics there...

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