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Which Team is most likely to challenge ND for #1?


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If you look at the remaining top 100 uncommitted - most of them have the SEC schools on their list - especially Florida. Which team do you think wil challenge ND for #1 recruiting class?









Julio Jones, Pryor, D. Scott, P. Johnson, Patchan, Deandre Brown, etc all have Florida still on the list. What do you all think?

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These are my guesses:


Julio Jones to Alabama


Pryor to Ohio State or Michigan


Darell Scott to Colorado


not sure about the other three


I think Georgia or possibly Alabama, except im not sure how many each of them can take this year, but Florida and USC always have a shot to be number 1. It also depends on who we ended up getting in January....

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Honestly, I'm not sure that it matters. ND has done an unbelievable job in recruiting this year, and not because people like Rivals and Scout say we are number one but because we haven't had to go to any plan b guys. Aside from Dan Buckner, we got everyone we offered on Sept. 1 of last year. We addressed all of our positions of need and then some. We got major playmakers on offense and defense. This is one of the most solid classes in ND history at this point. But, and this is a big but, we HAVE to develope these players to their potential and beyond in order to get where we want to go and in order for this to go down as a legendary class in ND history.


But to answer your question. I'm not sure that any of those will challenge for the top recruiting spot. Those classes that have higher rated prospects (USC, OSU) will be smaller classes. I think Florida's class will be smaller as well. The other ones you mentioned are about full. Granted those schools usually take more than is allowed b/c some of those recruits never end up being qualified. So I think no matter what happens ND will end up top 3, but most likely top 1.

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First of all, those ratings are bogus because all the other teams are taking 25 or more guys and we're around 22. Looks like Alabama's going to end up with like 57 guys.


But, if we're looking at the most impressive class in terms of average talent per player and need, I'd have to say SC and Ohio State will be in the hunt again when all is said and done. Also, look out for OOOOO klahoma ("every night my honey loving doll"). And it will be interesting to see what happens with Michigan from this point on.

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Gotta admit that Weis and company are really turning up the heat and we ARE going to have the best class for 2008 and Weis already has a few offers out for 2009. If we correct our offensive line problem then there is a very good probability that we contend for the title in 2009

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