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Houston Nut to be Fired!!


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Just herd on ESPN that Houston Nut willbe Fired even though he beat LSU.


what you heard was that he was offered a 2 year extension and he resigned. After beating LSU he was offered an extension and he went with his previous plans of resigned. So he wasnt fired, he left.

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I dont get it. Why would he resign after being offered an extension? Must be an internal conflict with admin. The bigger question is did they have a good reputation for o-line play and can we poach anybody from the wreckage?


It is more then just the admin. The last year and a half has been a joke, much of it brough on Houston by himself. If you recall he hired or was forced to hire a HS head coach as his OC last year to help get the 4 D1 athletes at his school to commit to Arkansas. For some reason, he hasn't been a great recruiter in the state and the fans were fed up with it. If they would have lost Mitch Mustain and the other kids on that HS team, the fans would have crucified him. Gus Malzahn ran a wide open offense in HS and Nutt claimed he would provide him free reign to call the plays. Nutt has been a historic control freak and it was obvious this never happened.


After Mustain got to the school, Nutt and staff treated him horribly. They felt forced to start him and the kid only went 8-0 when he did start. The wins weren't pretty but you can't expect pretty from a freshman as we saw this year. For some reason, Mustain was benched after his 8th win, never to start again. The Razorbacks went 2-3 to end the season. Because of the poor treatment, the parents tried to interact with Nutt to address the problem and he shunned them so they went straight to the AD.


At that point, some passionate boosters sent emails to Nutt and a bunch of others that were shamefully critical of the kids. These emails eventually were published and Nutt claimed no knowledge. One of the things the fans around here were always troubled by is that they never knew when Nutt was telling the truth. He comes off as a used car salesmen so it's hard to tell the truth from the act. As a result, one over eager fan used the freedom of information act to research that incident, Nutt's claims to have been interacting regularly with instate recruits, etc. This fan published a report with detailed phone records (Nutt is a public employee) among other things that disputed a bunch of Nutt's claims. This just served to incite more anger in a large portion of the fan base.


At the end of the season, although Nutt publicly proclaimed that Gus Malzahn was a great OC, he went behind his back and hired David Lee to act as co-OC. At this point Malzahn stepped down, Mustain and Damian Williams (2 of the 4 recruits that followed Malzahn to Arkansas) transferred to USC.


Add all of this to a rather poor SEC record where the majority of his wins came against Ole Miss and Mississippi St. and he should have been gone before it got to this point.


Bottom line, it got down to inconsistent performance and a lack of trust. As you can see from the summary, things rarely went as Nutt claimed they would. Sorry for taking up so much time on an ND message board wtih the answer but you asked so I thought I would fill you in.

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