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Dayne Crist phone interview (longer then normal)

Guest gallup21

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Guest gallup21

Got a lot out of him today...13 minutes phone = 1 hour 15 minutes transcribing.


Dayne Crist ND QB ’12 Phone Interview 11/18/07 11:55 PM EST


Nick: Dayne, how are you tonight?


Dayne: I’m doing real good, how’re you doing?


Nick: Pretty good; is it warmer then 30 degrees there?


Dayne: Haha heck yea, its actually like 9 o’clock my time and it’s 60, 65 right now.


Nick: So how’d your high school career go? I know it ended recently.


Dayne: Yea, it actually ended this past Friday; unfortunately I didn’t get to suit up or play, I got taken out of the game a week earlier with a concussion, so it was pretty depressing. I’m definitely disappointed the way it ended, but you know overall I think we had some pretty great times, and some pretty great memories so I’m definitely going to look back on my high school career and be happy about it.


Nick: Now what was the best memory you had?


Dayne: You know, I think it has to be my junior year, firs game of the year, we played the number one team in the state, Canyon, and they ended up winning the state championship that year but we were down 17-3 at the half, and came back and won late on a 30-yard touchdown pass, from me to one of my receivers so we ended up going the next play for the two-point conversion to win 18-17.


Nick: I think I saw that game, I think it was on ESPN Classic or something. Was it the one where you sort of threw the fade into the endzone?


Dayne: Yea, that’s it.


Nick: Yea, I’ve seen that. How have you played a role to recruit for Notre Dame, since you committed back in April?


Dayne: You know, I think it’s a lot of fun actually doing that, but I’ve definitely been texting guys, and just getting to know a lot of players. There was even one where he didn’t commit to Notre Dame, but I’m still keeping in close contact with recruits, but, you know it’s cool I mean, even not trying to recruit guys to the school but just getting to know guys, from all across the nation is a lot of fun, and you get to follow their careers and see what they’re doing in high school, and how their games are going, so that’s a lot of fun, but I definitely keep in contact with all the guys that committed to Notre Dame, and we talk, at least once a week. But then also guys, who are interested in Notre Dame; I just try and give them any advice that they could use, and just try and let them know all the good things about Notre Dame.


Nick: Yea, and could you name any recruits you’ve talked to who are still uncommitted?


Dayne: Oh, I mean today I talked to Deion Walker and Gerrell Robinson, and you know they’re both real interested. You know I was talking to Jonas Gray a couple weeks before he committed, but you know, it’s a lot of fun.


Nick: And did you get how Gerrell’s visit went? I think he visited today against Duke.


Dayne: Yea, he’s actually up there right now, he said he had a great time at the game – he was kind of just blown away by the fans of Notre Dame, and just kind of the whole aura because he hasn’t been up there before, but I know he’s having a great time, and he’s probably with the team right now, but he said he’s loving it. He said, when he got off the plane he thought he’d be a little bit upset cause it was cold, but actually he was having a great time.


Nick: Do you think we’ll see any of them suiting up in Blue and Gold next year?


Dayne: You know what, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw both of them, I mean I think they’re both very interested, and I think they obviously like what Notre Dame has to offer, and they’re both guys who are definitely pretty tough competitors and want to turn things around up there, so like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw both of them wearing Blue and Gold next year.


Nick: Yea, that’d definitely be good for you to pass to them.


Dayne: Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be complaining at all either.


Nick: So have you had any family members who’ve played football in the past?


Dayne: Actually, you know I haven’t really, you know my dad was a basketball player growing up, and my cousin played the smaller college football but I was kind of the first one in my family to take football pretty seriously.


Nick: So do you have any interests, other than football, like do you have a favorite video game, magazine, sports team?


Dayne: Yea, I think that being a high school athlete, video games get pretty competitive, and it can be anything from NCAA football, to Madden, to Halo 3; you know I always like to have fun with my friends playing video games, and I like going to movies a lot. Just hanging out with my friends – you’re with your team for the majority of your season and the off season, so just being able to hang out and do all that fun stuff is great, and I listen to music and all that.


Nick: So can we talk about how your connection with Jimmy Clausen started?


Dayne: Oh yeah, absolutely. Jimmy and I actually went to the same middle school in California and then we train with the same quarterback coach, we’ve been at camps together, we work on projects for school at each other’s house. We’ve been pretty close growing up, and I’m cheering for Jimmy every week, and we keep in contact and talk all the time – he’s always texting me asking me how my games are going, and everything else that’s going on down here, and what’s going on up there, so it’s pretty cool to have a friend like that.


Nick: And who’s a better surfer, you or Jimmy?


Dayne: [Laughter], I don’t know, we’ve never gone together but I heard he’s not to bad and I don’t get to go as much, so he’s gonna have me on that, but we’ve never, we’ve never gone together.


Nick: Yea, they don’t have surfing up in Massachusetts so…


Dayne: Haha, no? Aw man.


Nick: Yea, it’s kind of cold here for that. Yea, so talk about what you did in community service back in San Jose, because I found that interesting reading another article.


Dayne: Oh yeah, well every year for school a group of students go on a big service project, and this year I was selected to go, this summer actually, and to east San Jose, which is actually in northern California, and it’s kind of a, it’s not like a real nice area, there’s a lot of poverty, and it’s a very poverty stricken area, actually. And we were up there for four days, and it’s called, and emergence trip, and the reason it’s called that is because you “emerge” yourself into poverty for a couple of days, so you don’t shower, you eat what they eat, we work in soup kitchens, you know, we did everything from doing that to working with the elderly, and we went to a center for the mentally disabled, where families can’t afford to take care of them anymore, so we had a visit with them, and spent a lot of time there. We went to downtown San Jose, which is a pretty heavily gang area, and we got to play with the kids out there in an after school program, and that was real great, and you get to throw a football around with those guys, and I had a great time. And then we went to the teen center that night, and that was with kids our age, but you see how tough it is in those areas, and you’re just so humbled by the experience, and I just learned so much from it, and it was so great to help these people out, and to serve, and actually, it was actually more important than anything you can do on the football field.


Nick: So how did that change you as a person?


Dayne: You know, like I said made me more humble, and just changed my whole perspective on how people treat each other, and it just makes you so thankful for what you have, and you realize how fortunate you are to be in the situation where you can afford to pay for your next meal, and you have clothes you can wear to school that aren’t dirty or ripped, or stuff like that and just even these people, you know they’re so much like you and I, and it just shows you know how everyone is, no matter what background they come from, socially how they’re doing, and economically how they’re doing; it’s just kind of the common ball you share with your fellow man or woman.

Nick: Ok, so now let’s move onto a completely different topic with coach Weis; so what are your favorite qualities with him on and off the field?


Dayne: I think the one thing that just stuck out to me from meeting with coach Weis and what drew me to him, was just his honesty, and just his passion for the game. I mean, you can tell from the moment you meet him, how much he loves football, and how passionate he is about it, and he, he’s a straight shooter, he will tell it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not, and I think that’s what you need, in a coach and mentor, and you don’t need guys who are just going to give you what you want to hear all the time, and make you feel good all the time, because you don’t get any better like that. And I think he’s going to develop me into a great quarterback, and that shows through his coaching I’ll be a better player from it.


Nick: And do you expect to be the next Brady Quinn or Tom Brady?


Dayne: I don’t know, it’s kind of, I mean that’d be nice because both those guys are heavily accomplished guys, but you know I think I’d like to make a name for myself. I just go out there and work hard, and just start from day one, just giving it everything I’ve got, you know those guys are great and actually knowing that coach Weis has tutored both of those guys is good, and it’s pretty motivating – and it’s definitely something you strive for, but at the same time I think you want to be your own person and do well.


Nick: Let’s hope you win the Heisman.


Dayne: [Laughter] I don’t know, we just have to worry about getting through high school at this point.


Nick: Yea, and finally – What did you think of today’s game against Duke?


Dayne: I think Notre Dame played a good game today, you know I think they’re starting to click, and you see the youth on the team, and everyone talks about it, but not only did the young guys play good, but I think the senior leadership was great, and I think that they’re definitely showing some signs of life, and they had some sparks today that just looked great, and I think that it was a big win for them, and they needed it, and I think it’s excellent.

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Dayne: You know what, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw both of them, I mean I think they’re both very interested, and I think they obviously like what Notre Dame has to offer, and they’re both guys who are definitely pretty tough competitors and want to turn things around up there, so like I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw both of them wearing Blue and Gold next year.


That would be nice. along with floyd, goodman, kamara and Tate?!? Oh, the possibilities. :twisted:

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Guest gallup21

he surprised me with how articulate he was...hes also a really nice guy and very down to earth. doesn't mind being called and said anytime i had a recruiting question to call him (if there are ever any rumors hes the go to guy)

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Guest NDgrandson

Well, if that's the case, ask him about the WRs and if we have a silent. What has the latest with Baldwin? What about Trev and Page? With Jonas on board are we still going for Cyrus? Any other names out there that he knows of?


I know you want to keep it professional and not bother him so I don't blame you if you hold back.


You are an in-valuable resource to ND message boards.

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nick, i just want you to know how much we at dd appreciate your dedication and hard work. let it be noted how much you have matured over the last couple of years with regard to your journalistic endeavors. the sky is the limit for you son, so keep up the effort. sincerely, schell..........

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