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McCarthy injured

Guest chuckles1028

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Man, it seems like a lot of ND commits have been bit by the injury bug, Poz, Crist, Flemming, Ethan, now Dan.

Best wishes to Dan.

Now what happened to Flemming?


He sat out a couple games earlier in the season if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't anything serious and he was back to playing at the end of the year. I think he only missed one, maybe two games.

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Guest SirJohn

Thanks guys, and Chiro for your excellent diagnosis. I hope it's not like Hornungs was? These things are screwy.... I have this pulled muscle in right side. After a while and some pills it's OK but i will do something stupid like bending over to pick a piece of paper off the carpet or rolling over in my sleep and re injuring it so it's a constant thing now.

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Kneck injuries always scare me. When i first saw he ws injured, but did not know what type, i was sad that another of our recruits was injured. I know that injuries set these players back a long time. but when i read it was a ruptuted vert in teh kneck i am now not worried about the young man rushig back to the field...I want him to take his time becasue kneck injuries can be life changing even life ending. Frome what i've heard this inury isnt anything like a broken kneck, but it still worries me. I send my best to all of our injured recruits.

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