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Has anybody else heard about Dayne Crist to LSU?

Irish Chris

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losing crist would be a huge blow to NDs class. with all the interviews i've heard him in i would be real surprised to see him leave. right now NDs biggest recruiting challenge will be trying to keep everyone on board. IMO i think he'd do maybe a little better at LSU just because of the loads of talent he would have to work with.

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Guest Irishrider

He's been so outspoken about his love of ND, he's attended numerous practices and games, and with floyd now on board he has to be excited about the talent around him for the future. I just cant believe it unless he thinks that he might not be able to beat out JC and wants to play right away.

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FWIW, I hear Matt Barkley's coming into South Bend for a long weekend with Weis the week of the Navy game.


Who's Matt Barkley?




















(this is a b***s**t rumor. See how easy it is.)



OH!!! I thought you said Gruden spoke with Kevin White on the phone last night!!

:wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Yes! It IS easy. LMAO!!!! :D

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I have a hard time believing this one. During ESPN's broadcast of one of Crist's game this year, they did a little story on him. During the piece, it showed how he had the Notre Dame offer letter framed and hanging on his wall and how he still can't believe its true.


He was interested in LSU before he committed and its been months and he's said he is firm. Why would he all of the sudden start looking around when he sees the players that are coming in next year? Doesn't make any sense.

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"I'm not necessarily concerned about having to go play early or play right away. But when I do play, I want to play great. I want to be the best prepared when it's my time to play. I want to be comfortable. I just want to be in the best position to be successful when it's my time. And I'm going to compete every day until coach Weis says, 'Dayne, it's your time.'" --Dayne Crist

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