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The Next 5!


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IMO, these guys round out the #1 class.


Gray, Page, Compton, 2 Robinson (Trev and Gerell)

i like your list, mine is pretty much the same.


1. trevor robinson

2. johnathan baldwin/gerrell robinson

3. kenneth page

4. jonas gray


So you like our chances with trevor robinson?

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Guest AtlantaIrish

Anthony Mcdonald is a stud from what I have seen Gallup.


You take a guy like Compton because A)he is good B)he wants to come to Notre Dame, good enough for me, and C)remember Brian Smith.


Guys that want to play at ND are guys that I will take every day. You can never have too much depth at a position and god knows we have never really had depth at LB. Smith was a throw in at the last moment and he is making an impact.


Please forget about high school rankings in regards to all these players. Some guys are studs in high school only to suck in college(I can name a ton of past and present Notre Dame players but I will refrain). Some guys are just getting better in high school only to become studs in college(AJ Hawk, DBrickashaw Ferguson, etc.).


You take them when you can get them. There is no assurance of us filling out next year's class completely.


With that being said, why can't we take more than 25?

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Did no one mention C. Harper as icing? I may have missed this in the past week or so, but aren't we still somewhat in the picture with him? I know he wants to play QB, but if CW can convince him to play receiver and be a back-up option at QB with our two defections there, I'd put him at the top of the icing list - maybe the cake ornament.

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