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That Leprechaun

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

Can Domers readers take a poll? If this is heresy I apologize but my own opinion stays the same.


Heres my beef. Please......


WILL someone in the football program get read of that stupid guy in the Leprechaun outfit?


Look I am a long time Notre Dame fan. I'm sitting here watching my beloved ND and sooner or later around some pretty cheerleaders is this Dorkey looking jerk, Elf leaning into the TV Camera screaming we're #1. That may turn one on at South Bend but doesn’t fly in Louisville and a large chunk of ND country.


Looks like a silly dressed, Gilligan’s Isle episode.


I have no suggestion how to replace this moronic thing that crept in on us. Show the cheerleaders or American flag just do something. I know many here might disagree with me. But then I don't want catsup on my hot-dog either. Ill take the cookie monster if I have to.


Super at South Bend if you want it, but can you keep the creep off national TV?


I have an Air Force mouse pad, sadly seeing its last days. I clicked on DD Merchandise to replace it with an ND and there is that Elf logo. My mouse can do without.


I now know why Mickey Mouse has only 3 fingers on his hand the other finger went for the Elf


This image has bugged me for years. An intense game win or lose they cut away to some miracle cleaning fluid commercial, a beer I never drink, a car I cant afford and it clicks back to some elf screaming into my TV at me. This is NOT "NASTY” football. Its all bush league stuff.


Sir John

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Guest Irishlad

I am going to have to agree with the getting the "dork" off the tv. I am a big fan of leprechauns, as a matter of fact Im in the process of getting one drawn up for a tattoo, but I would much rather look at cheerleaders or something else on the tv. I understand the whole thing about having a "mascot" on the sidelines but he doesnt really need to be on tv.


Did you know that the Leprechaun wasnt the mascot for ND until 1965?

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Guest Irish19

Until we can find a better mascot than a leprechaun, I am happy with it. As dumb as it would look, I would love to see some dude run around and make a fool out of himself in a three-leaf clover costume. Any other mascot ideas? I do think it is a necessity to have one.

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Guest SirJohn

Well? Even you said "As dumb as it looks." I really can't think of an Irish replacement.


Mug of Beer?


As one posted this guy only came about in 1965, that's not really a tradition. It was bad enough losing under the Davie and T and to see this jerk leaning into your TV screen when times have definetly changed is too much. It's worse then a bunch of guys leading a buffalo onto the field from Colorado.


We have a contract with NBC...forget the other broadcasts.. Can't you keep a camera off this guy? Surely someone controls this individual in the Athletic department?


Again I have no suggestion other then dumping him. I asked for a poll. I have no idea of a replacement if we need one.. What's wrong with just Irish?

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

Wow, I never realized there was so much resentment of the Leprechaun. I myself don't really notice the guy, so I'm essentially neutral. However, in the interest of appeasing the Lep haters which apparently represent a large number of the ND fanbase, I propose we keep the Leprechaun, but spruce him up a bit. This is the year of the "Nasty," right? Let's have a NASTY leprechaun then! Instead of a 5'9" 135 LB guy doing backflips, let's recruit a 6'3" 220 LB dude to just stand there with his arms crossed and look tough. Maybe he can stare down the opponent's mascot for the ENTIRE game. Camera pans in on him? He SWATS it away. Surely there has to be a couple non-athletes on campus who still keep in shape and have nothing better to do. Besides, what alternative do we have..............a potato?

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Guest domehead

Good thinkin' snatchy...that sounds like a nice change from the traditional lep/troll...a potato? hmm..a potato dressed up like a lep?

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Guest SirJohn

Now a 300 pound huge Elf I have no problem with (Jolly Green Giant?) Or a potato head.


I don't know if it's 'resentment' more then I just don't see it as a ND image. :roll: Particularly now with the enthusiasm, new coaches, new Gug, new President. Tuck him in a corner somewhere, bribe NBC to simply not show him on Camera. He belongs in the stands not on the field, students paint their faces and all that. It's just more for the stands if everyone there wants to don an elf outfit there fine.

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

On a side note, I'd rather have a Leprechaun over the "Ruf-Neks" (Oklahoma) any day of the week. I DESPISE rednecks, why should they be allowed on the field, drunk, with friggin' muskets???

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Guest SirJohn

The Leprechaun



In keeping with the nickname Fighting Irish and the Irish folklore, the Leprechaun serves as the Notre Dame mascot.


The Notre Dame logo features a side view of the figure with his dukes up, ready to battle anyone that comes his way. The live version is a student, chosen annually at tryouts, dressed in a cutaway green suit and Irish country hat.


The Leprechaun brandishes a shillelagh and agressively leads cheers and interacts with the crowd, supposedly bringing magical powers and good luck to the Notre Dame team.


The Leprechaun wasn't always the official mascot of Notre Dame - for years the team was represented by a series of Irish terrier dogs. The first, named Brick Top Shuan-Rhu, was donated by one Charles Otis of Cleveland and presented to Irish head coach Knute Rockne the weekend of the Notre Dame-Pennsylvania game Nov. 8, 1930.


A number of terriers later took the role of the school mascot, which usually took the name Clashmore Mike. The Clashmore Mike mascot last made an appearance on the cover of the 1963 Notre Dame Football Dope Book with coach Hugh Devore and captain Bob Lehmann.


The Leprechaun was named the official mascot in 1965.

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Guest SirJohn

July 28, 2005



He's one lucky leprechaun

Mishawaka's own Chamberlin to be new ND mascot



Tribune Staff Writer

Kyle Chamberlin of Mishawaka, far right, is this year's leprechaun for University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football and men's basketball. Here, Chamberlin signs autographs for Alli Maiora, Maggie Higgins, Kate Murphy and Liz Hyde, all 11, who attended the Notre Dame soccer camp.

Tribune Photo/JIM RIDER




Kyle Chamberlin remembers a day long ago when he was watching television with his grandmother -- and because he'd always complained about being the shortest kid in the class, she had an answer.


You could be the leprechaun, she told him.


"I was probably seven or eight," said Chamberlin, a 21-year-old Mishawaka native who is now a leprechaun.


Not just any leprechaun, but the leprechaun.


Chamberlin, a University of Notre Dame marketing major, has been chosen as this year's Fighting Irish mascot.


"Last year, I was the Blue Squad leprechaun," he said, meaning that he was on the cheerleading teams for soccer, volleyball and women's basketball.


Now that he's the Gold Squad leprechaun, Chamberlin will cheer on the Irish football and men's basketball teams.


"It never really occurred to me when I got here," said Chamberlin, a 2002 Mishawaka High School graduate who continued his interest in marching band when he went to Notre Dame.


"It was for the first three years here," said Chamberlin, who will be a senior in the fall.


"I had to give it up this year," he said. "You can't be in two places at one time."


And in his new role, the son of Ed and Kim Chamberlin will be as busy as any of the other athletes and meet all the same requirements they do.


But he's really excited about that whole leprechaun thing.


"I really love everything about Notre Dame and I feel that being in a prominent position like that, I get to share that with so many people who might not have another experience with the university."




University of Notre Dame Leprechauns 1993-2005

2005-2006: Gold Squad (football, men's basketball), Kyle Chamberlin, Mishawaka; Blue Squad (women's basketball, soccer, volleyball), Kevin Braun, Landisville, Pa.


2004-2005: Gold Squad, Eddie Lerum, Lake Bluff, Ill.; Blue Squad, Kyle Chamberlin, Mishawaka


2003-2004: Gold Squad, Mike Macaluso, Oak Brook, Ill.; Blue Squad, Aaron Thomas, Granger


2002-2003: Varsity Squad, Mike Macaluso, Oak Brook, Ill.; Olympic Squad, John Bisanz, Mendeta Heights, Minn.


2001-2002: Varsity Squad, Adam Urra, Westerly, Rhode Island; Olympic Squad, Mike Macaluso, Oak Brook, Ill.


2000-2001: Varsity Squad, Michael Brown, Milwaukee; Olympic Squad, C. J. Lanktree, Morris Plains, N.J.


1999-2000: Varsity Squad, Michael Brown, Milwaukee; Olympic Squad, C. J. Lanktree, Morris Plains, N.J.


1998-1999: Varsity Squad, Matt Bozzelli, Rochester, N.Y.; Olympic Squad, Brian Bauersfeld, Weedsport, N.Y.


1997-1998: Varsity Squad, Ryan Gee, Spokane, Wash.; Olympic Squad, David Sweet, Hillsdale, N.J.


1996-1997: Varsity Squad, Ryan Gee, Spokane, Wash.; Olympic Squad, Bryce Emo, Overland Park, Kan.


1995-1996: Varsity Squad, Jamey Sotis, Ahwatukee, Ariz.; Olympic Squad, Ryan Gee, Spokane, Wash.


1994-1995: Varsity Squad, Jamie Glover, Grenville, S.D.; Olympic Squad, Andy Budzenski, South Bend


1993-1994: Varsity Squad, Andy Budzenski, South Bend




It's especially true when he's on the road, visiting other schools across the country.


"It's an amazing opportunity to share my passion and excitement," Chamberlin said.


What many people don't know, though, are the other duties that go with the leprechaun job description.


"We're often called upon for community service events and just to be a general ambassador for the university," he said. "So it's really important that I put my best foot forward when I'm out in public."


Which isn't to say that being the leprechaun doesn't have its little quirks.


When asked if that green outfit is hot, Chamberlin answers with an emphatic yes.


"Hot in summer and cold in the winter," he said.


Plus, there's the odd looks on those occasions when he's out and about on the road.


"That can be awkward, walking down the street in a big green suit," Chamberlin said, laughing. "It can be conspicuous, with the knickers."


And then there's always the questions that people ask.


"Where's your pot of gold?" is one he hears a lot. So he always has his answer ready.


"It's either at the end of the rainbow, if it's little kids," he said, "or that I spent it all."


Plus, he hears the one about how all leprechauns are short. Funny, how that early conversation was once true -- but these days, Chamberlin is almost six feet tall.


"Little kids always want to try on the hat," he added.


And he's really excited about the opportunity.


"I used a lot of cell phone minutes when I first found out," Chamberlin said.


And what about that whole local-boy-makes-good thing?


"Since I grew up here, Notre Dame was always the school to me," Chamberlin said.


"Even just being a student here was a top goal of mine. Having the opportunity to attend here? I'm very lucky."




He must really be the leprechaun after all.


Staff writer Laureen Fagan:



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Guest ND2k9

go back to the irish setters, someone said there wasnt a lep until 65, before that, it was 5 irish setters wearing notre dame sweaters

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Guest irishalice

The leperchaun has never bothered me....but heck, what do I know...I'm an ole time Alice....nickname of Vincennes High School...The Alices...Would like to see the Irish Terrier back on the sidelines though.

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Guest SirJohn

OK Domers. So far it's 11 replys and some 97 hits or so.


I strove to be fair and said explained this is just my bias. I posted two articles. One the Official Notre Dame blurb on how the "mascot came about in 1975. Nut's I once owned a 1975 Mustang convertable. (deep weeping)


I then posted what that Elf does from the SB Tribune. Personally if I was a father with a young kid and some one in an Elf outfit approched my kid it would mean war. That's as balanced reporting as one can do admitting a "Yuck!" Maybe with all the new changes it will happen? :roll:


That all said...I will send all these posts to the Observor on NDs campus when they start up again. It's an official mascot so being subway I can only leave the 'keep or dump' up to a vote of those students and the administration. :shock:


Sir John :D

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