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No worries. I dominated BC for a final score of 38-0. Ryan had a horrible day and our defense was in his face all day, just like is giong to happen on the field today.




Gotta love the "video game result" We got a shot today

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Guest irishfan4life

i'll be the first to say it...just for a few bad throws its not jimmy fault but please lets put in sharp man and see if we could light a fire under this team for the second half...what do u guys think

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theres no doubt there should have been a penalty on that hit to Clausen where he slid down, blatant right there, stupid refs!


that last TD by BC should NOT have been a TD, he was stopped on the goal line. it was all based on that call on the field. if the ref had made the call of no TD then the replay wouldnt be conclusive to turn that over. should be some type of homefield advantage on calls, and the ref should not have called a TD there.


i havnt been very happy with the play of Clausen. one of the recent throws he threw out of bounds, he still had time to pass. i was thinking why are you throwing that one away??

Clausen may very well be the future for ND at QB but i think Sharpley deserves a chance to see what he can do in the 2nd half. i doubt he gets that chance, but he should.


has ND used an screen passes today? i dont think they have. thats something i was thinking ND should have done. the BC defensive line is coming through on blitzes and getting pressure on Clausen, ND should work some screens in there yes?


the ND defence is whats keeping ND in this game.


EDIT- just an update from out west. Arizona kicked a field goal to take the lead 13-10 on USC in the 3rd. come on Arizona!

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