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Guest Shamrock83

Yeah I can definitely see lil' Petey sittin on his bean bag sipping on a Juicy Juice watching Babylon 5 after practice. Commercial breaks are reserved for perming his hair

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Ahh...I have to thank that Michael Strahan. Stll dry, still confide....did somebody score? I better watch out for that gatorade bath. Guys?........ We scored and won the game right?.... Hello?..... GET OFF THE FIELD! WE'LL GET A PENALTY!!!!! What? The game is over? Impossible, I never lose right Snoop???? Snoop? Where's Dogg at? He's at Talladega.....I need to go south where it's warm!

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"They closed down my Babylon 5 internet chat room! NOOOOOOOOO!"


AHAHHAHAHA...I was reading this during ConLaw II and almost fell out of my seat giggling.

I enjoy Star Trek for its deep analysis of the political/ethical/moral/philosophical ramifications on a future shaped as much by similar "human" reactions as it is by the scientific development.

BUT yes, even I think Babylon 5 is nerdy. Babylon 5 is nerdier than Seaquest and Star Trek, but respectable compared to tv shows like Alien Nation or Galactica 1980(a horrible spin off of the original Battlestar Galactica.


Any way, the caption SHOULD read:

"Oops I Crapped My Pants!©...and I just did. brought to you by Oops I Crapped My Pants Adult Diapers©."

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