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5-7 here we come.


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5-7, 6-6 ..why not 7-5?

next weeks game against BC doesnt scare me. the only real team that scares me i guess would be USC, but seeing they just got beaten by Stanford i think ND can win that game.

BC next week, please, who are they? who have they beat?

Wake Forest (3-2) 38-28

North Carolina State (1-5) 37-17

Georgia Tech (3-3) 24-10

Army (3-3) 37-17

Massachusetts (4-1 Championship Subdivision) 24-14

Bowling Green (3-2) 55-24

IMO not that impressive.

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W need to not be afraid of our oponent, but to respect them. Matt Ryan is a damn good QB. He has WR's who can catch, A TE who can pass block and run the seem, and a decent RB. This combination has the tendancy to be ND's cryptonite. Let's hope ND practices hard and is well prepared for a pass happy offense! (I'll be @ this game so maybe a little wishfull thinking!) We Can Do It!!!!!!! -Don

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Guest irishrick

lets not underestimate the BC team were going to have our HANDS FULL IF THE DEFENSE CAN STOP RYAN , we will be okey i look for a stellar performance and the game is winnable. go irish , take em one game at a time . :)

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It's NDs turn to return the favor against BC. Too many times the Irish were ranked in the top 10 only to lose to BC. Now it's our turn!

That's the funny thing about Boston College.

Besides Flutie the only thing this program is known for is ruining the season of real programs.

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