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Free link to ND UCLA game!!!

Guest Irishjt

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Guest SirJohn

It's on the computer :D


Hats off, stand and cheer and many thanks to DD member Irishjt the link he gave works I can see the game. Applause. Irishjt you are da main man. :D :clap: :clap: :clap: :drunk: :drunk:

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Guest irishfan4life

my gf already said she goin to do all the typing b/c if i get pissed she don't want to see the laptop flyin out of our window...

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i could be wrong on this and more likely am, but i think its a conspiricy(sp?)

ND has television contract with NBC, but tonights game was scheduled for ABC. so ABC would love to show any other game than ND, and it just so happens there is another game that was scheduled for the same time. how did tonights game even get scheduled for ABC? it should have been a day game on NBC! and never even been scheduled for ABC :evil:

does ABC usually have 2 games scheduled on tv at the same time to where different markets can choose between games? maybe im wrong, but i dont usually think they do, but ah this time they did eh damn ABC they didnt want to show this game all along, they just scheduled this game to keep ND off of NBC because then ABC gets the better ratings over NBC and its all about ratings and money :evil:

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